Transfer Students Services

The office of Transfer Student Services works with new and returning transfer students to facilitate their transition and overall success at FDU by directing them to appropriate sources of advice and campus services, workshops, formal and informal mentoring.

Transfer Student Services strives to foster a sense of community among the transfer student population at FDU and advocates for transfer students in order to enhance their academic and social experience. Transfer Student Services works closely with the Academic Student support services, faculty and staff to advocate and support transfer students at FDU.

The goal of Transfer Student Services is to ensure that your first year at Fairleigh Dickinson provides a solid foundation on which you can achieve academic and personal success.

Transfer Student Services is here to assist you in making a smooth transition to FDU. We understand the transition process can be complex. To help you prepare for the upcoming semesters, we have created a Transfer Student Orientation program to help you achieve your academic and personal goals.

Transfer Orientation

The first step to ensure your academic and personal success here at FDU begins with your participation in Orientation. Although you may have some knowledge of what to expect from college, each institution is unique with its own set of academic opportunities and challenges. To help you achieve your academic and personal goals, Fairleigh Dickinson University provides a special orientation program for all new transfer students.

What is Transfer Orientation?

Transfer Orientation is a one-day program specially designed for students coming from other institutions. This orientation program provides an opportunity for you to preview the campus and get acclimated to your new environment while participating in a variety of informative and exciting activities. During Orientation you will meet other new students, learn more about the FDU Metropolitan campus community, and be informed about campus resources, services, programs, and procedures.

Why Attend Transfer Orientation?

As a new member of the Fairleigh Dickinson University community, it is likely that you may feel a bit nervous about making a smooth transition into college. Because we are concerned about student success, all new students are required to attend an orientation program to help ease the transition process. Orientation is an opportunity for you to get acclimated to your new environment while developing friendships and having fun. Since college life involves more than just the classroom, you will have the chance to gain some first-hand knowledge of the many activities, programs, and support services FDU offers. Along the way, you will meet with other new transfer students, current FDU students, and some of our distinguished faculty and administrators. You will begin to develop new friendships and continue building those relationships when the semester begins. We look forward to meeting all of you at Transfer Orientation and to helping you in becoming an active member of the Fairleigh Dickinson University community.

Transfer Admissions Process

When you begin the application process at FDU you will work in conjunction with the Office of Transfer Student Services and your Admissions counselor. Once you have paid your Admissions deposit you have become a new member of the FDU community. At this point, the Office of Transfer Student Services is fully available to help you on your academic journey by providing support services such as Transfer Orientation, one-on-one mentoring, workshops, and a special section of Freshman Seminar.

Transitioning to University Life

This seminar is specially designed to introduce transfer students to the Fairleigh Dickinson University college experience. This section is for transfer students only with less than 24 credits. The basic goals of the course include the development of academic, personal, and interpersonal skills that will help you succeed in college and gain a sense of campus involvement. Feedback will be given to enhance skills in oral presentation, written expression, and class participation. You will also have the opportunity to meet other new transfer students and gain first-hand knowledge of the many activities, programs and support services FDU offers, while getting to know other new transfer students both in and out of the classroom.

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June Giardina, Director of Transfer Student Services

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