Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS offers a multitude of services to meet the needs of EVERY student. Take an opportunity to explore the services offered.
  • In counseling we will explore your thoughts, emotions, perceptions, reactions, and behaviors in order to gain insight into oneself and make positive life changes.

    Counseling Services utilizes brief, solution-focused style of treatment. This approach emphasizes the individual’s strengths, resources and abilities. Effort is made to identify how a particular problem is imposing itself on the individual. Talk focuses on what the individual is doing and can do to diminish and ameliorate the difficulty.

    • Diagnostic evaluations
    • Medication therapy
    • Medication monitoring

    PLEASE NOTE: New students seeking psychiatric treatment must contact 973-443-8504 to schedule an appointment with a Counselor who will screen them for a psychiatric evaluation.

  • Group counseling is an effective intervention for many types of issues. It provides an opportunity to hear others’ perspectives and experiences within a safe and supportive environment.

    Groups offered:

    • Living in Harmony with Roommates
    • Mindfulness Exploration Group
    • Creatively Managing Stress Discussion Group
    • International Student Support Group
    • Take a Breath FDU! Meditation Group
    • Human and Pet Loss Group
    • LGBTIQ Empowerment Group
    • Honoring the Diversity Within Group
    • Being in the Moment with Nature and Silence Group
    • Living with Anxiety and Depression Group
    • Coping with Alcohol and Drug Concerns
    • Managing Eating and Emotions
    • Commuter’s Discussion Group
    • CHOICES Group
  • Pet Therapy

    Pet therapy utilizes the human-animal bond as a practical and powerful healing instrument. Certified pet therapy animals assist individuals through their unconditional loving presence.

    Yoga in the Italian Gardens

    Yoga can be an effective tool that helps reduce stress while increasing psychological and emotional balance in your life.

    African Drumming

    Benefits of drumming include:

    • Stress relief
    • Increased self-esteem
    • Self-expression
    • Happiness
    • Unity
    • Creativity
    • FUN!


    Dance your way to a healthy mind, body, and spirit!

  • Our outreach programs seek to:

    • Raise awareness & provide education about mental health and other social issues
    • Challenge ideas that contribute to stigma, disempowerment, and discrimination.
    • In addition, we hope to empower students to find and use their voices in a healthy and productive way

    Based on the concepts of prevention and wellness, CAPS sponsors a number of activities throughout the academic school year. These activities are targeted to issues that are specifically relevant to the campus community and include:

    • Substance abuse education and prevention
    • Mental health awareness
    • Body image and eating disorders
    • Sexual assault and prevention
    • Stress management and coping

    These activities are open to the campus community and are created to foster awareness and prevention. CAPS also offers presentations to classes, student organizations/groups, faculty and staff.

  • CAPS acts as part of a multidisciplinary team and provides consultation to faculty, staff, and other student departments for various student concerns. CAPS is able to quickly assess and provide appropriate referral and/or intervention. CAPS can be reached by contacting the main counseling number at 973-443-8504.

  • The Fairleigh Dickinson University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) mission is to promote students’ psychological wellness and academic success by providing students with high quality, culturally competent counseling and mental health services. CAPS is strongly committed to addressing the mental health needs of a diverse student body through timely access to consultation and connection to clinically appropriate services and programs.

    CAPS recognizes that some students may require accommodations. Upon request, counselors will assist with coordinating a confidential, accessible space on-campus to provide the student with appropriate services. Students requiring accommodations are encouraged to inform the counseling center while scheduling an appointment by phone or indicating their needs on the registration card.

    Students are encouraged to contact CAPS staff at 973-443-8504 to request appropriate accommodations for counseling, psychiatric services, and CAPS programs and events.