General Rules

The Guest and Visitation Policy applies to all Fairleigh Dickinson University students and their guests.

  1. Under all circumstances and at all times, the privacy of a roommate takes priority over a guest.
  2. It is the responsibility of the host of any overnight guest, to meet his or her guest at Public Safety, upon arrival, to register their guest(s). A non-FDU person cannot register themselves as an overnight guest at the Department of Public Safety without their host being present. If a temporary bathroom card is needed (Twombly residence hall only), it will be giving to guest at this time.
  3. Non-FDU persons who are daytime guests who do not leave the residence halls by 12:00 AM (midnight) will be considered trespassing and escorted out of the residence hall.
  4. A resident may have no more than one (1) overnight guest at one time.
  5. A resident may have an overnight guest no more than three (3) consecutive nights or ten (10) cumulative days total during the semester, whether with the same host or different hosts each night. Guests may not move from one host’s room to another in order to extend their stay in the residence halls.
  6. The Guest and Visitation Policy is in effect on the first day of classes in the Fall Semester and ends on the last day of classes in the Spring semester. Overnight Guests are not permitted in university residence halls before or after these dates without the authorization of Housing and Residence Life.
  7. Overnight guests are not permitted in the residence halls when the University residence halls are closed during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.
  8. There may be special times of the year, such as summer sessions and exam periods, when the Guest & Visitation Policy may be restricted or modified. Residents will be notified of policy modifications during these interim periods.
  9. In order to ease the congestion of the move-in period and to allow roommates the opportunity to discuss the issue of overnight guests in the room, no overnight guests will be allowed in the residence halls during arrival periods and the first week of classes of any semester/session.
  10. A host is responsible for the actions of his/her guest.
  11. Neither room keys nor ID access cards will be provided for guests. Residents are not to give their ID card to guests in order for them to gain entrance to the room or the building.
  12. Individuals found in the building who are not residents or guests of residents are considered to be trespassing.
  13. All guests must be escorted by a resident of the building at all times. Individuals may be confronted by a staff member if they are not recognized as a resident of that building and/or they are not being escorted by a resident of the building.
  14. Residents must have the permission of all roommates and suite-mates in order to have overnight guests.
  15. Any consistent violation of the guest and visitation policy may warrant termination of guest and/or housing privileges.
  16. An authorized guest with the appropriate parking pass or commuter decal may park their vehicle on campus in approved spots designated by Public Safety. Please refer to “Campus Parking and Vehicle Registration “in the Campus Safety section of the handbook.
  17. Cohabitation and living or allowing another individual to live in a space to which he or she is not assigned is strictly prohibited.