Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours (Sunday – Thursday 11pm – 10am, Friday – Saturday 12am – 10am) are designated to support an environment that is conducive to learning. Residents have the right to sleep and study in their rooms at any time without interference from those around them. During quiet hours, sound must not be audible beyond the limits of any individual room, hallway, or lounge.

Courtesy Hours are in effect when quiet hours are not. During courtesy hours, your music, voices or noise should not be disruptive to your community. Residents are expected to comply immediately with the requests of others to lessen or eliminate noise. Residents are expected to demonstrate courtesy and consideration toward others at all times.

During final examination periods, 24-hour quiet hours will be in effect.

In mediating noise-related conflicts between residents, staff gives top priority to the activities of study and sleep. Violation of Quiet or Courtesy Hours may result in disciplinary action via the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities & Conduct.