Campus Cares

Ways to Promote Positive Mental Health on Campus


Read about the free and confidential mental health services located on the Metropolitan Campus. Student Counseling and Psychological Services (S-CAPS) is located at the corner of Lone Pine Lane and Residence Drive, behind University Court 8. Information about this office is posted on the University Web Site at  For additional information or to schedule an appointment call 201 692-2174.


Watch for warning signs that a student may be reaching a crisis and be in need of professional assistance. Learn how to inform a student about your concerns and make an appropriate referral. Read How to Refer a Distressed Student. Additional information and web links are included in How to Help a Distressed Friend.

Both publications are available on the S-CAPS web site.


Know what to do in case of a psychiatric emergency. If you learn of a student’s plan to harm him/herself or another person, contact Public Safety (201 692-2222) immediately. Public Safety will notify the appropriate professional staff.


Invite S-CAPS Professional Staff into your classes to do a brief presentation on services or a workshop on life skills. Consider asking S-CAPS staff to take over a class period which you are unable to attend (Don’t Cancel That Class Program).

Available lecture topics include:

  • Stress Management/Relaxation 101

  • Time Management/Overcoming Procrastination

  • Exam Stress/Test Anxiety/Public Speaking Anxiety

  • Alcohol Awareness/Risk Reduction Strategies

  • Anger Management/Conflict Resolution

  • Common Student Mental Health Issues


Remind students about these services throughout the semester by putting a statement about S-CAPS on your course syllabus.

One example of a syllabus statement follows:

A recent American College Health Survey found stress, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, interpersonal concerns, death of a significant other and alcohol use among the top ten health impediments to academic performance. Students experiencing personal problems or situational crises during the semester are encouraged to contact Student Counseling and Psychological Services (201 692-2174) for assistance, support and advocacy. This service is free and confidential.


Help with outreach efforts by telling your classes about S-CAPS.

Talking points might include……

  • Stress is something that we all experience from time to time

  • It is normal to feel stressed but feeling stressed for extended periods of time can make us ill

  • When you feel overwhelmed by academic demands, social relationships or other pressures it may help to talk over these issues with someone you trust.

  • That someone can be a professional staff member of Student Counseling and Psychological Services.

  • Counselors are available Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. This service is free and confidential. It is located at the corner of Lone Pine Lane and Residence Drive, behind University Court 8. You can schedule an appointment in advance by calling 201 692-2174.

  • Your problem, no matter how serious, has a solution and    there are people who can help you find it!

(Powerpoint slides are available to assist with this presentation of services)