Services Offered

Services are free to all currently enrolled Fairleigh Dickinson University students. This includes part-time, full-time, commuter, residential, undergraduate and graduate students.


Individual counseling

Group counseling

Referrals to other professionals / agencies

Consultation to faculty and staff

Expert assistance and advice is available to staff and faculty concerning issues or problems of a human relations / psychological nature.

Group seminars and workshops

Student Counseling and Psychological Services offers a variety of seminars and workshops that include, but are not limited to: communications skills, relaxation techniques, substance abuse education, anger management, test anxiety, values clarification, time management, personal growth, assertiveness, etc.

Self-help library

There is a lending library of books available on various mental health topics, including many popular self-help titles.

Relaxation Room 

The Relaxation Room contains self-help materials to assist you in developing your own personalized stress management program. In privacy and comfort you may watch videos, listen to cassettes or read books that can help you reduce stress and tension. Information on a variety of wellness and health-related topics is available for use in the room. Enjoy our I-Joy massage chair while exploring our materials in the Relaxation Room, or come just to use the massage chair.

Student advocacy

Student Counseling and Psychological Services can serve as a student advocate and liaison to faculty, staff and administration as the situation warrants. Upon student request, Student Counseling and Psychological Services staff may notify professors and/or administrators regarding special needs/extenuating circumstances.

Training / supervision

Training and supervision are offered to peer counselors, resident assistants, orientation leaders and other student leaders (i.e., student government).

Substance abuse education

Student Counseling and Psychological Services offers information on alcohol and other drugs and their effects on the body as well as training on how to abstain / use responsibly and safely.

Club Drugs: Information You Need to Know

Drug awareness information provided to students of FDU: Know the full potential effects of the chemicals others may offer you. If you have a question regarding Club Drugs and their effects, Please call: Kathy Azzaro 692-2174

MDMA (Ecstasy)