Metro Campus Medical Emergency

For On Campus Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, do not hesitate to dial extension 2222 or (201) 692-2222 if you are on campus to reach the Department of Public Safety. They will contact EMS (Emergency Medical Services) who will then transport the student to the hospital if required.

For Off Campus Emergencies

If you are off campus, dial 911 for a medical emergency. Ensure that you have your Student ID card with you as well as your Prescription/Medical Insurance Card(s).

Using Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are provided in multiple locations on the Metropolitan Campus. These steps are the standing orders for AED use. This document does not serve a purpose of CPR/AED training to individuals who are not certified, but rather provides a simple guideline to how to respond in the event of a  suspected cardiac arrest, if you choose to aid.

Arrival at victim with suspected cardiac arrest

  1. Establish unresponsiveness and NOT breathing normally
  2. Call for EMS via 911 and Public Safety (201) 692-2222
  3. Begin chest compressions (hands only) (CPR)
  4. If AED is immediately available, then turn on AED and follow prompts.
  5. If AED NOT immediately available:
    1. Continue chest compressions at a rate of 100-120 compressions per minute. Push hard and fast.
    2. Continue CHEST COMPRESSIONS until other rescuers arrive and take over chest compressions. If two people available switch chest compressor every 2 minutes or sooner if fatigued.
    3. Retrieve AED. Attach AED while chest compressions are in progress and then follow the AED prompts.
    4. Additional rescuers MAY provide ventilations with a face mask as they arrive on scene.

Arrival of Fire Department/Police/EMS

  1. Continue CPR until trained rescuers physically take over.
  2. Provide a verbal report of findings and actions to rescuers who took over.
  3. If AED was applied to patient, regardless if shocked or not, rescuers must take the AED for download and analysis. Rescuers will contact the Director of Student Health Services for return of the AED upon completion.

Locations of Wall-Mounted AED Devices

Bancroft Hall
main entrance stairwell landing

Fitness Center
entry area, opposite the desk
Robison Hall
3rd floor, outside Transfer Student Services office (across from the restrooms)
Robison Hall Annex
1st floor entrance (nearest to the North Parking Lot), opposite the stairs
Alumni Hall
main entrance foyer to the left of the vending machines
Metropolitan Campus Library
main entrance, on left upon entering building
Becton Hall (2)
2nd floor main entrance and opposite the elevators on the 3rd floor
Student Union (2)
2nd floor to the left of the Multipurpose Room (MPR) entrance and 3rd floor (cafeteria) by the primary entry/exit
Student Counseling and Psychological Services (SCAPS)
main entrance, on right upon entering building
Facilities Department
outside of mailroom, opposite the time clock and bulletin board
Center for Psychological Services (139 Temple Avenue)
entry lobby of building
Bogota Savings Bank Center (2)
arena, on the left upon entry and outside the Athletics Training Room
Dickinson Hall (2)
1st floor lobby behind the Public Safety desk and opposite room 4471
Edward Williams Hall
1st floor hallway to the left of the handicapped accessible restroom
Field House
entry lobby