Metro SHS FAQs

Where can I get my health records from?

The following list of sources will help you to obtain your records:

  • Elementary schools(s), high school(s), or previous college(s) you have attended
  • The Health Department in the town(s) in which you lived
  • Pediatricians who may have treated you, or any physician you’ve seen, who is licensed in the United States or a foreign country
  • Any Laboratory who may have tested you for immunization against Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella and Hepatitis B
  • Tips for Locating Old Immunization Records

When are my health records due?

Due Dates: July 15 for Fall Session, December 1 for Spring Semester, April 15 for Summer Session. Failure to comply will result in a medical hold being placed on your account delaying registration for classes.

What are the consequences of a medical hold?

You will not be permitted to register for classes or live in the residence halls until your forms are properly completed and submitted to the Student Health Services Metro Office. If you chose to live in the residence halls and your information is missing or incomplete, you will have to live off campus at your own expense until all requirements are met. The screening process for tuberculosis (TB) may take as long as one week.

How much does it cost for a health visit?

Nothing. There is no fee for visits to Student Health Services Metro. Certain services such as lab tests, treatments, immunizations, or medication dispensed may be subject to a fee. In the case in which you are referred to a doctor/specialist by a nurse, some or all charges may be covered by your insurance.

What is an “Off-site” student?

An off-site student is an FDU student, other than nursing students, who does not take any classes on the Metropolitan Campus (Teaneck/Hackensack) OR the Florham Campus (Madison). An off-site student takes classes only at one of FDU’s satellite locations and/or online. If a student takes any classes on an FDU campus, they are NOT considered off-site. Any student taking classes on an FDU campus is considered a commuter student and must comply with the commuter student medical requirements. Students in a completely online program, other than nursing students, do not need to submit medical records. Nursing students must comply with the Nursing Students medical requirements, even if their classes are off-site or online.