Disability Accommodations at Vancouver

Steps in Academic Accommodations Process

Collect Supporting Documentation

To apply for an academic accommodation, please fill out the Disability Disclosure Form and submit it and supporting documentation to the Office of the Senior Manager of Campus Operations before the start of your first class each term.

Schedule a Meeting

Set up a meeting with the Senior Manager of Campus Operations. Make sure to bring all appropriate documentation related to your condition/disability if you haven’t already done so. If you are unsure what documentation to bring, or have yet to be tested, call and discuss the situation prior to the meeting.

Discuss Procedures and Determine Accommodations

We will determine the appropriate accommodations based on the documentation you provide. During the meeting, you will learn about the process for receiving disability support services and learn what in-class accommodations you will receive for the current term. Based upon the outcome of the meeting, the Senior Manager of Campus Operations produces letters of accommodation for your professors. You must come to pick up your accommodation letters from the Senior Manager of Campus Operations located on FDU Vancouver Campus Cambie location (Room 126), and give the accommodation letters to the respective faculty members.

Give Accommodation Letters to Your Professors

Pick up letters from the Senior Manager of Campus Operations and hand-deliver them to your professors. The process of hand-delivering accommodation letters to your professors will allow you to initiate dialogue regarding your situation and particular needs with your professor. The accommodation letters do not disclose details of your disability. It is strongly recommended that you provide your professors with letters of accommodation within the first two weeks of the semester. Accommodations will not be provided until your professor receives your accommodation letters. Accommodations are not retroactive.

Monitor progress and, if you need further assistance, request it as the semester progresses, it is your responsibility to monitor the progress in your classes. If you require additional assistance in ensuring the satisfactory delivery of your accommodations, contact the Senior Manager of Campus Operations immediately. If you require academic assistance or additional support services, contact the office and you will be referred to the appropriate campus resource.

Follow Through in Future Semesters

You are required to come and pick up your accommodation letters each semester from the Senior Manager of Campus Operations. The letters will be ready to pick up during the 1st week of each semester. If, you are seeking changes to your accommodations, please feel free to contact the Senior Manager of Campus Operations. You can reach us at 604-648-4014 or email: hoheisel@fdu.edu

Documentation Required

Each student requesting accommodations and support services through the Senior Manager of Campus Operations is required to submit documentation to verify eligibility under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and DSS policies.

In order to accurately determine the appropriate accommodations:

  • The documentation should be current (within past 2 years of application).
  • The documentation should be reflective of the student’s current functioning.
  • In all cases, the documentation should be appropriate to the anticipated setting.
  • Accommodations provided for individuals with temporary disabling conditions may be subject to periodic review.

Adapted Testing Policy

The Office of the Senior Manager of Campus Operations provides adapted testing for students with a documented disability if adapted testing is appropriate for their needs. When tests are administered, the following rules apply. Exceptions may be made if supported by appropriate documentation.

Advising instructor

Students are asked to give a copy of their Accommodations Agreement to their instructor as early in the semester as possible so that the instructor is aware of the student’s eligibility for adapted testing.

Reminder notes

Students should remind the instructor at least 3 working days prior to testing dates.

Adapted Testing Requests

If the student fails to request adapted testing within this time frame, there may not be sufficient staff to administer the exam and the student will be required to reschedule.

Dates and times of exams

Exams are taken on the same day and time as the rest of the class, unless otherwise approved by the instructor. The student receiving the accommodation must be on time for the scheduled exam. If the student is significantly late, they must reschedule their test after contacting their instructor for approval. If the student does not arrive at all during the scheduled time/date, the incomplete test will be returned to the instructor that same day. In this occurs, the student will NOT be permitted to reschedule their test and will have to contact their professor.


All tests are proctored to ensure their security and integrity. Students use the restroom and/or get refreshments before the exam begins and they will not leave the exam room during the test unless otherwise indicated by the instructor on the Instructor Testing Authorization Form . Proctors may also provide reading/writing assistance if appropriate to the student’s documented needs. If the student requires clarification of test questions, the proctor will assist them in contacting the appropriate instructor. If the instructor is unavailable, the student may submit more than one answer along with explanations of their actions.

Test delivery

The instructor will deliver the test to the office of the Senior Manager of Campus Operations at least one day prior to the test. Tests can be e-mailed (hoheisel@fdu.edu), or a print copy can be hand delivered. If e-mailing documents, please call (#4014) to verify their receipt. When completed, the test will be returned to the instructor’s mail slot or, if preferred, may be kept at the Writing Centre for pick-up.