Department Meeting 3/22/2023

New March Madness Tagline for FDU
Personal: We broke YOUR bracket.
Transformational: We BROKE your bracket.
Global: We broke EVERYBODY’S bracket.
Some current WebOps Initiatives
What Pages What Action What Goal
All Ensure page title is unique Make sitewide search more effective
Program pages Consider adding a response form (see Silberman) Capture demographic info from prospects
Program pages Consider adding an infobox (See Nursing) Concisely answer questions that differentiate one program from another.
Program pages “Bulletin page roundtrip” Send current web information to academic units for review; correct format to fix ADA errors; make all course codes live links; repost to website with correct information.
Program pages Turn off course code accordions when all course codes are live Avoid misspellings embedded in the Self-service course descriptions
Obsolete pages Move to archival storage Increase utiility of sitewide search; remove any ADA errors in those pages
Pages with images Correct alt tags as needed Fix almost 300 ADA errors to raise score
Pages with TablePress tables Convert tables to plain HTML tables Correct ADA errors; make tables more readable
Pages with forms Update form tags Correct ADA errors.