Student Organization Event Guidelines

In an effort to support FDU organizations and students in hosting and participating in events, the University asks all students to comply with the guidelines below when planning and hosting events.

1. Programming must adhere to University guidelines, which are fluid and subject to change. Therefore, organizations and students are encouraged to be flexible. If University policies are stricter than other guidelines, all organizations must follow the stricter guidelines. The Division of Student Affairs will provide updates to clubs, student organizations, and others responsible for programming as policies evolve.

2. It is strongly encouraged that events are held outdoors whenever possible.

3. All in-person gatherings (defined for these purposes as a club/student organization meeting or event) must be registered in advance no later than seven (7) business days before the gathering with the Office of Student Affairs through submission of the event registration form found here for Florham and for Metro. All registration forms must be approved by OSA prior to the meeting or event. Once approved, Facilities and Public Safety must be notified by the event coordinator. If approved, locations for all in-person gatherings must be booked in accordance with on-campus room/space reservation policies.

4. Indoor events, meetings, or other gatherings are limited to the posted capacity of the room. Room capacity limits are posted on signage outside of the room. This may change as state guidance evolves. At this time social distancing is not required indoors but encouraged. Masks are required while indoors.

5. Students or organizations using any space should take care to leave the space in the same condition in which they found it.

6. All gatherings must abide by the following:

a. Masks are required for anyone at outdoor events if social distancing cannot be maintained. Masking required for all indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

b. Masks will be required for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, during university-sponsored travel to events, i.e., on buses, etc.

c. all other University guidelines are required to be followed.

7. Clubs and organizations should have a University employee present for the entirety of the event.

8. Requests must be submitted no later than seven (7) business days in advance of the event. Virtual and in person speakers, presenters, etc. are permitted. Speakers and DJs, etc. should follow current University guidelines, meaning that any non FDU entity must be a contracted vendor or service provider. All in-person gatherings shall begin with a reminder about University mask policies for in-person events.

9. To enable the University to perform contact tracing if an event participant becomes ill following the event, event and meeting attendance must be collected electronically and include all of the following information:

a. attendee name

b. student ID number

c. cell phone number

d. FDU email address

e. personal email address

10. QR codes or other means of electronic attendance taking should occur. This information must be submitted to Student Life no later than 24 hours after the in-person gathering has concluded.

11. Clubs and organizations are permitted to make and sell their own food at University events and on campus, provided they follow contractual guidelines and health and safety guidelines as outlined by Gourmet Dining.

12. If attendees are not complying with University, State, or Federal guidelines, ask them to leave immediately. If they fail to comply, call Public Safety.

13. Your cooperation is appreciated. Failure to comply with the guidelines may result in sanctioning for student clubs/organizations and their members, up to and including revocation of club/organization status and expulsion from the campus.