Professional Administrative Senate

PAS represents professional staff in the sense that it articulates the staff’s interests to the rest of the University, especially to senior management. In contrast, faculty are represented to senior management by the Faculty Senate.

Schedule, minutes, and handouts

Generally there are two meetings in the fall and two meetings in the spring. More meetings may be added onto the schedule depending if urgent issues needs to be discussed or interesting topics and workshops to benefit PAS members become available.

Fall Events

Dates and locations are announced near the start of the fall semester.

Metropolitan Campus

  • PAS New Employee Luncheon, September at 12 PM, in the Student Union Building Cafeteria
  • General Meeting, September at 12 PM, Rutherford Room, Student Union Building
  • PAS Social, September at 5 PM to 7 PM, Metro Club, Alumni Hall
  • Brown Bag Lunch, October at 12 PM, Rutherford Room, Student Union Building
  • General Meeting, November at 12 PM, Rutherford Room, Student Union Building

Florham Campus

  • Brown Bag Lunch, August at 12 PM, Sammartino Room, Student Center
  • General Meeting, September at 12 PM, Orangerie
  • PAS New Employee Luncheon, September at 12 PM, in the Student Center Dining Hall
  • PAS Social, October at 5 PM to 7 PM, Bottle Hill Room, Student Center
  • General Meeting, November at 12 PM, Student Center

The Senate Membership

Membership in PAS is open to all full time, exempt professional and administrative personnel who are not eligible to participate in a bargaining unit recognized by the University. See the Constitution for details and exceptions. The Senate consists of the entire membership of approximately 500.

The Executive Council

The governing body of the Senate is a 12-person Executive Council, each serving a two-year term.

  • Three Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Six Senators-at-Large: three from each NJ campus
  • Two Campus Speakers: one from each campus
  • Past President: ex-officio role is to advise the Executive Council.

General elections for all twelve positions on the Executive Council are held during odd-numbered years, with nominations (of you and/or by others) opened by email notification to the general membership at least two months before the general election.


PAS is looking forward to branching out and adding more committees for constituents to join. We need your input and ideas to better serve our PAS community and strengthen the organization.

The standing committees are chaired by a Senator-at-Large, appointed annually:

  • Elections Committee
  • Policy Review and Development Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Resolutions of Difference Committee

Throughout the year there may be various other committees that are formed for specific occurrences.

Attendance and participation

Being an active PAS member only benefits you. You may bring up any topic you would like discussed at a General PAS meeting with constituents. PAS meetings create valuable opportunities for dialogue amongst the PAS community. If there are any questions you would like to raise with Senior Management the PAS meetings are the perfect forum to do so or share highlights with our constituents. The meetings are also an opportunity to gather other peoples perspectives regarding your questions.

The PAS holds valuable informational lectures and workshops which benefit all PAS members. We have general information sessions with Human Resources and the President’s office. You can hear firsthand what the University is planning and working on from senior management directly. Communication is always important. All speakers are open to answer all your questions.

Speakers and topics at PAS meetings

Please send an email to any Executive Council member. Your topic will be added to the agenda and will be discussed at future Executive Council meeting. Past topics include:

  • Dr. Stephanie Koempel, Looking through the Looking Glass (Suicide Prevention)
  • Dave Miles, Emergency Preparedness
  • Dr. Brian Mauro, FERPA
  • Carol Creekmore and Saul Kleinman, Standard/Non-Standard
  • Kenna Caprio and Dan Landau, Social Media
  • Bryan Meadows and Mutiara Mohamad, Addressing International Student Needs
  • Dean Michael Avaltroni, The new features and expansion of the Pharmacy School
  • Silberman College Dean Andrew Rosman’s visions and goals for the college
  • Campus Provosts, the University Strategic Plan
  • Dr. Hania Ferrara, budget best practices
  • Peter J. Contini, TIAA-CREF Financial Services
  • Dr. Ruth Nemire, Founding Dean of FDU’s School of Pharmacy
  • Eli Amdur, Career/Life Coach – Life and Career
  • Rose D’Ambrosio, Health Care changes at FDU
  • Maria Webb, Library resources and services for staff
  • Jon Wexler, Fall enrollment and the Yellow Ribbon program
  • Bill Kennedy, Growing the FDU Web Site
  • Melanie Scarpa, Holiday Voicemail Etiquette
  • Kevin Byrne, Identifying Students in Distress
  • Dina Schipper, Media Relations

PAS Accomplishments

The PAS has been responsible for or involved in many changes in our effort to make FDU an “Employer of Choice,” including:

  • Same Sex Domestic Partnership Benefits
  • Bereavement policy change from three days to five days
  • Increased FDU Professional Development Workshops
  • Improved Resolution of Differences procedure
  • Sick/Personal/Vacation tracking (available via Self-Service)
  • Gourmet Dining provides a free lunch for new employees, with a PAS member host
  • Family Leave Policy (employees can put banked time toward their leave)
  • Salary Equalization (clear commitment to move PAS members to higher salaries)
  • Across the board raises every year (when financially possible)
  • Free Fitness Center membership
  • Computer training