Professional Administrative Senate

The Professional Administrative Senate or PAS represents nearly 500
full-time professional administrative and support staff who provide critical services for students, faculty, and staff across the multiple campuses of FDU.


PAS is the VOICE of the FDU professional administrative community. The Executive Council and supporting committees are here to serve and advocate to ensure that the workplace is an equitable one.

Executive Council

The governing body of the Senate is a 10-person Executive Council, each serving a two-year term.

  • Three Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Four Senators-at-Large: Two from each NJ campus
  • Two Campus Speakers: one from each campus
  • Past President: ex-officio role is to advise the Executive Council.

The Executive Council officers for the Academic Year 2023 to 2025 are:

  • Anita Rivers, President
  • Jason Madsen, Vice President
  • Paige Soltano, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Karen Stecher, Campus Speaker, Florham
  • Rebecca Valenzuela, Campus Speaker,
  • Terry van Auken, Senator at Large, Florham
  • Rebecca Valenzuela, Campus Speaker
  • Nicole Russo, Senator at Large, Florham
  • Dr. Francisco Parra, Senator at Large, Metro
  • Allison Smagin, Senator at Large, Metro
  • Lane Goldstein, Past President

General elections for all positions on the Executive Council are held during odd-numbered years. Nominations and votes are solicited by emails to the general membership two months before the general election. Announcements of the new slate of officers follow.


Committees are led by a member of the Executive Council. Your participation is key to the effectiveness of each committee and is based upon areas of interest determined important by the PAS Community. If you would like to consider joining a committee, please contact the EC designee below:

  1. Elections – Rebecca Valenzuela and Nicole Russo
  2. Policy Review and Development (Governance) – Anita Rivers, Karen Stecher, and Terry van Auken
  3. Program – Paige Soltano and Allison Smagin
  4. Resolution of Differences – Francisco Parra and Jason Madsen

Attendance and Participation

Why get involved with PAS? While participation is voluntary, PAS is your community of administrative professionals working towards the greater good on campus. It is your forum to speak freely and openly about issues you may be seeing on campus or suggest improvements for the workplace environment. Members are welcome and encouraged to bring up any topic for discussion at a General PAS meeting. PAS meetings provide a great opportunity to ask any questions you would like to raise with Senior Management.

In addition to bringing up any concerns you might have, PAS strives to maintain a positive environment and is also a good place to share highlights, exchange ideas, or gain diverse perspectives on questions you may have.

PAS is committed to ensuring open communication on campus as well as continuous learning and provides opportunities for its members to do so through informational lectures and workshops. Human Resources and the President’s office are often speakers at General PAS meetings, allowing its members to hear firsthand from senior management what the University is planning and working on.

Let’s also enjoy our workplace with activities to unwind and get to know each other as well as to give back to our students and communities at large.