FDU Celebrates Holi

April 1, 2024 — The Offices of Student Life from both the Florham and Metropolitan campuses and Silberman College of Business gathered together to co-sponsor a University-wide event to celebrate the holiday of Holi the festival of colors, love, and spring.

Holi is a vibrant and colorful Hindu festival celebrated primarily in India and Nepal, but it’s also observed in many other parts of the world with significant Indian diaspora communities. It usually falls in March, marking the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil.

The festival is known for its exuberant celebrations, where people gather to smear each other with colorful powders and water, sing and dance, and enjoy festive foods and drinks. It’s a time of joy, forgiveness, and renewal, where people come together to celebrate the diversity of life.

One of the central themes of Holi is the legend of Prahlad and Holika, which symbolizes the triumph of devotion and righteousness over evil.

James Almeida, dean of Silberman College of Business, was joined by University Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Ben Rifkin to kick-off the festivities. They were joined by FDU students, faculty and staff, as well as visiting students from Amity University, located in India.

Take a look at the bright and colorful festivities they took part in below.

Faculty and staff pictured cheering on the lawn outside of the Monninger Center. Three people stand together covered in pink powder celebrating Holi.

A group gathers together for a photo covered in multi-colored powder. Student cover each other in colored powder for Holi. Three men face a camera smiling for a photo. Two men stand together in white clothing covered in pink powder to celebrate Holi.

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