FDU Poll Ranks Among Top Tier Nationwide

January 29, 2024 – The FDU Poll (formerly known as PublicMind) is in the top tier of polls nationwide. Poll aggregator Five Thirty-Eight has released its new rankings of polls ranking FDU 31st in the country, out of more than 500.

The rankings look at the error associated with a poll’s predictions and the degree to which the poll makes its methodology transparent. The FDU Poll scored high on both measures, with a pollscore accuracy ranking of -0.6 (lower figures represent less error and bias), and a transparency score of 8/10. 

These scores are impressive when compared with other institutions. The overall ranking is better than that of many well-known polling groups like Gallup (35), Pew (38), SurveyMonkey (75) and Rasmussen (89).

FDU Poll’s accuracy score is better than that of Quinnipiac University (-0.5), Stockton University (-0.5), Gallup (-0.4) and the Pew Research Center (-0.4). 

The FDU Poll has served New Jersey through public opinion, political and private client polling since 2000. “Continuing support of Fairleigh Dickinson University has made this research group one of the most important independent voices in New Jersey politics,” said Peter Woolley, founder of the poll and director of FDU’s School of Public and Global Affairs.

“Polling has become more and more challenging,” says Dan Cassino, political scientist and Executive Director of the poll, “but it remains the most important way in which the public is able to influence what elected officials do.”  He added: I’m proud of our success, and look forward to moving even higher in the rankings.”

The complete pollster rankings are found at: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/pollster-ratings/

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