International Meet and Greet Brings Students Together

A young woman gives a presentation.Students from FDU’s Florham, Metropolitan and Vancouver campuses met in person and connected via video conference with students from International Balkan University in North Macedonia for an international meet and greet and discussion of Model UN and COIL on March 29, 2024. The International Balkan University students are enrolled in a Constitutional Law course, taught by Madelyn Ferrans, lecturer of law, as part of the COIL program (Collaborative Online International Learning).

FDU recently joined the State University of New York’s COIL program.

This semester, FDU is running ten COIL courses with partner institutions in North and South America (Canada and Brazil), Europe (France, North Macedonia), Asia (China, Turkey), and Africa (South Africa), and there are more partners in more countries lined up for future semesters.Students look on as a presenter speaks.

John Schiemann, professor of government and law, and his students from the Government and Politics Learning Community attended. Students from the University Core program also took part to practice their global networking skills.

The Model UN team from the Vancouver Campus visited both the Metropolitan and Florham campuses in advance of their participation in the National Model UN Conference in NYC on April 1, 2024. This event was among several activities that allow for them to engage with FDU students on both campuses. 

The event was hosted by Ferrans and the global education office.

A group of students pose for a photo at the United Nations.

At the National Model UN Conference, FDU received an Honorable Mention Award. The team demonstrated collaboration and cooperation through multilateral diplomacy. This year’s delegation, which represented the Republic of Niger at the conference, consisted of students from the Vancouver Campus and Metro Campus, including: Madan Devkota, Jubhit Chaudhary, Venkata Dheeraj Kalapati, Sunita Tamang, Rishva Riteshkumar Amin, Nabat Osman, Aasifah Hassan and Sebastian Perez.

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