Postbac Dual Certification: P-3 and TSD

The Peter Sammartino School of Education offers a preparation program leading to New Jersey dual certification in Early Childhood Education (P–3) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities that requires 54 credits for dual certification, including 36 credits to complete the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree. 

The Postbac Early Childhood (P–3) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities Dual Certificate MAT is offered online by the Peter Sammartino School of Education.  


Required Courses for Certification (27 credits) 

  • EDUC6575 Apprenticeship Teaching 
  • EDUC6583 Advanced Clinical Practice 
  • EDUC6818 Language Development and Literacy I 
  • EDUC6821 Early Elementary Mathematics: Content and Pedagogy 
  • EDUC6824 Teaching Laboratory and Field Experience I 
  • EDUC6825 Apprenticeship Teaching Seminar 
  • EDUC6828 Teaching Laboratory and Field Experience II
  • EDUC6835 Effective Teaching and Effective Schools
  • EDUC6852 Curriculum Development and Assessment for the Preschool to 3rd Grade Classroom
  • EDUC6853 Family and Community in Education

Additional Courses Required to Complete MAT Degree (9–10 credits)

  • EDUC5501 Educational Technologies
  • EDUC6740 Introduction to Student s with Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • EDUC6851 Child Development from Birth to Age Eight (This requirement for licensure may be waived if candidate took Child Development as an undergraduate course.)
  • EDUC6931 Diversity, Equity and Justice in Schools and Society
  • EDUC7812 Final Project

Courses Required for the Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD) Certification (18 credits) 

  • EDUC6744 Foundations: Historical, Philosophical and Legal Issues Related to Disabilities 
  • EDUC6745 Principles and Practices of Collaboration and Inclusion 
  • EDUC6746 Learning Environment and Effective Management of Teaching and Learning 
  • EDUC6747 Multisensory Reading Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities (Note: EDUC6813 Structured Reading for Struggling Readers 1 may be substituted if candidates follow Orton-Gillingham Track) 
  • EDUC7623 Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities 
  • EDUC7624 Correction of Learning Disabilities

For Information 

Kathryn Spence, Director, Peter Sammartino School of Education 
Associate Professor of Education