They’re on Summer Hours

By Kenna Caprio

July 24, 2023 —

Incredible internships, exciting travel, engaging academic opportunities — five FDU students tell us what they’re up to on summer break. 

Junior computer science major at the Florham Campus
Working as a software engineer intern at Bell Automation Systems

A young man wearing a blue suit poses for a photo in front of a brick wall.

“I’m interning at a brand-new tech startup building an automated e-commerce website. I like coding and designing, science and technology, and was captain of the robotics team in high school, so I’m pursuing a career as a software engineer.”

BS’23 (Metro), QUEST graduate student at the Metropolitan Campus
Volunteering with the nonprofit Growth International Volunteer Excursions (GIVE) in Zanzibar, Tanzania

A young woman hangs off of a stopped safari truck near Nyerere National Park in Tanzania.

In Kairo, a village in Zanzibar, Tanzania, GIVE volunteers spent the mornings on school construction and beautification — mixing cement, laying rubble pathways and collecting stray recycling and garbage. In the afternoons, they taught free English language classes to local adults. Volunteers explored historical and cultural sites, went on a safari and swam in the Indian Ocean in their free time.

“There is so much out there in the world to see and to learn from. I want to be the best version of myself as possible, and the best teacher possible, and I can’t do that if I restrict myself to the borders of the state that I live in.”

Sophomore graphic design major at the Florham Campus
Interning at Glassworks Studio

A young man wearing an art apron poses for a photo in front of mosaic glass.

“My internship at Glassworks Crafting Studio runs from June to August. I assist with material creation and organization, which includes cutting and sorting glass pieces for customers to use. I’ve also been photographing glass creations and updating the company website, it’s been an eye-opening opportunity for me to work in a creative, driven group, and studio staff have been so empowering and helpful.”

Senior criminal justice major at the Metropolitan Campus 
Attending Seton Hall’s Summer Institute for Pre-Legal Studies

A young woman stands below a Seton Hall Law school banner in an atrium.

“The program ran from May 28 to July 1, and offered classes on contract law, criminal law, health law, constitutional law, evidence, legal writing, and legal and language skills. Classes were taught by attorneys and professors. I was most excited to take constitutional law, to learn more about how the Supreme Court justices interpret the law as they make decisions about fundamental rights. I’m not sure that I would’ve considered law school if it weren’t for this program, and I’m really thankful for the opportunity. The more I started learning about the injustices that exist in the criminal justice system, the more I know I made the right choice for me. I want to change the system.”

Senior biology major at the Florham Campus
Studying abroad with the University Honors group at Wroxton College

A young woman poses for a photo in front of a grand building in Oxford, England.

“This is my second trip to Wroxton. Last year, I hit all the major tourist destinations, so this time I’m determined to really get a feel for British life. My best memory from my first study abroad experience is visiting Christ Church in Oxford, England. It was so incredibly grand and made my heart feel so full. Being part of the honors program has made for a more engaging and enriching college experience, from the intellectually stimulating coursework to the supportive community to the cultural opportunities of study abroad.”

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