Voices In Art presents powerful voices of seven artists in Invisible Room at FDU’s Metro Campus


Sunhee Yoon, VIA Co-Founder


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Teaneck, NJ – The arts collective VIA (Voices in Art) is proud to present “Invisible Room”, an examination of female creativity curated by Sunhee Yoon and in collaboration with poet Julia Wagner thru March 4, 2023, at University Hall Art Gallery located on the Fairleigh Dickinson University Metropolitan Campus, 1000 River Road, Teaneck, NJ.

Join the artists as they talk about their work, ideas,  and artistic approaches on Thursday, March 2, 1:30 – 2:30 pm in University Hall Art Gallery, Room 11. 

Loosely inspired by Virginia Woolf’s famous essay “A Room of One’s Own” the status of women artists is explored against the backdrop of limitation and constraint.  The works in this show evoke the marginal spaces in which women exist and create. The works focus on the visual and poetic examination of the constraints and liberties women experience in their everyday lives, and as artists. Through the mediums of painting, photography, sculpture, and poetry, their work creates a platform for discussion as they engage and re-engage persistent stereotypes surrounding the female experience and gender-assigned roles with open-ended questions. 

Participating artists:

Artwork with appearance of a red nest or bundle

Sunhee Yoon:
Using aluminum wire, pipe cleaners, felt, and yarn, I construct the physical and biological bonds humans create, and re-imagine them as emotional ties we establish with the natural world.

Artwork of patterned fabric with markings

Minjung Lee: Mirror Gazing
My work blurs the line between sculpture and drawing and is placed at the intersection of the material and immaterial worlds. It can represent the distance between the physical and metaphysical worlds.

Artwork of dense reddish brushstrokes on white background

Yukiko Nakashima: Words in My Hands
Abstraction is the language that I construct to represent what accumulates within our psychological body.

Artwork of a partly human figure on a checkboard path through a jungle setting

Eunsun Park: In the Forest
In the midst of life, the human tree expresses life by reaching toward the light.

Artwork of six faces with varying amounts of red markings

Jeongmee Yoon: Red Faces Series
The piece is deviant, stupid, and serious all at the same time as well as ironic, and the viewers feel funny and uncomfortable, and smirk with a bitter smile.

Two framed works, one a colorful collage, the other dropped out of a green background

Julia Wagner: Lion and Wild
My works reflect images of power and challenge notions of the feminine experience. Playing with language, meaning and nonsense – as well as rhythm, is the inspiration in my poetry.

Still life of sushi on a board

Jihye Baek: Sushi
Images of domestic space and surreal still-life reflect the joy of life which creates tension between happiness and emptiness; implicitly and explicitly, suggesting psychological disquiet.

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