Florham Campus 

The 15-credit advertising minor is designed for students interested in studying the theoretical, practical, and creative elements that go into the creation of compelling and successful advertisements and advertising campaigns. The philosophy behind the minor builds on the recognition that the professional domain of advertising draws from many varied disciplines.

First, students must develop a foundational understanding of the concepts and theories included in the areas of advertising and marketing.

Then they must develop and polish their theoretical understanding and professional skills in the areas of computer graphics, desktop publishing, and basic video making—they need to understand all the theoretical and creative elements that go into the creation of both print ads and commercials.

Finally, students should be given the opportunity to develop their skills with courses that will enhance their knowledge regarding account management, campaign planning, implementation, and evaluation.

In order to fulfill the advertising minor, students must select no more than 9 credits in their major discipline. This policy is meant to ensure that students are taking full advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of the minor.

Required (9 credits):

  • CGD1313 Creative Imagery with Photoshop
  • CGD1314 Illustrator Graphics & Design
  • COMM2221 Advertising Principles

Elective Courses (6 Credits) from the following:

  • COMM2210 Pop Culture and the Media
  • COMM3005 Social Media, Communication & Community
  • COMM3248 Writing for Broadcast and Podcast
  • CGD2370 Desktop Publishing
  • CGD3363 Advanced Desktop Publishing
  • FILM1005 Filmmaking I: Basic Production
  • MKTG2120 Principles of Marketing
  • MKTG4272 Consumer Behavior
  • MKTG4365 Marketing Communications

Metro Campus

(For Non-Communication Majors)

Take the following courses for the 15-credit minor:

Required courses (15 credits):

  • COMM2321 Advertising Principles
  • COMM3444 Public Relations
  • MKTG2120 Principles of Marketing
  • COMM3345 Advertising Copywriting (or)
  • COMM3362 Advertising Campaigns
  • COMM4001 Communication Internship I (or)
  • COMM3010 Advertising and Social Media (or)
  • COMM3348 Broadcast Advertising

Course Descriptions

  • CGD1313 This course is an introductory exploration of computer graphics as a technology and a creative medium. Through the use of industry-standard software, Adobe Photoshop, students learn the fundamentals of working with raster editing techniques. The focus is on manipulating images and learning about the production workflow as it pertains to digital imagery.

  • CGD1314 This course is an exploration of computer generated vector graphics as a creative medium. Through the use of industry-standard software, Adobe Illustrator, students study the fundamentals of graphic design and learn to conceptualize and present ideas in visual form. Topics in this course also include production workflow and output standards of vector graphics as they apply to print and web delivery.

  • CGD2370 Integrating word processing, typographic exploration, raster image manipulation and vector graphics construction, students will learn to design and create printed documents that blend effective form and communication. The fundamentals of layout, typography, file management, image formats and resolutions as well as prepress basics will be examined using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • CGD3363 Extending basic skills and knowledge acquired in Desktop Publishing, students will learn to design, construct and manage effective interactive documents in Adobe InDesign. They will focus on the creative possibilities in interactive PDF, SWF, tablet and e-book publishing as well as continue to acquire knowledge of printing technologies and the overall publishing process using InDesign.

  • COMM2210 Investigation of the interrelationships of the mass media and popular culture, analyzing the ways in which mass media mirror and affect popular culture. Fall, Spring

  • COMM2221 Study of the role of advertising in current society and its significance in our economic system; practical exercises in setting advertising goals; planning, implementing and evaluating creative strategies; discussion of ethical and legal issues.

  • COMM2321 Study of role of advertising in the marketing mix, concepts and methods used in the setting of advertising goals, budgeting, planning and implementation of a creative strategy, considerations of media and evaluation of campaign plans. Economic, social, legal and ethical issues of advertising are discussed.

  • COMM3005 With the advent of virtual communities, online social networks, and the rapidly advancing use of social media, the question of effective communications can be addressed through multiple lenses. Drawing upon the theoretical literature from various disciplines, this course will enable students to understand what constitutes social media and its associated technology and its impact on communications within groups, organizations, and society in general. Students will be expected to actively engage in several forms of social media. In addition, students will be introduced to the concept and practice of social network analysis and its role in measuring communication flows within organizations and groups.

  • COMM3010 Studies in an area of Communiciation

  • COMM3248 This course will prepare students to write for the electronic news media. In addition to developing the skills necessary for writing good radio and television news copy and promotional/ commercial copy, students will also discuss current issues (ethics, legal issues and history) as well as current events in broadcast journalism. Writing projects will be completed both individualy and in teams and sample asignments may include radio and television commercials, broadcast news copy, broadcast interviews, public service announcements, and dramatic pieces.

  • COMM3345 Study of the creative functions of advertising in print and broadcast. Students develop advertisements, including all visual and verbal elements, to develop creative ability and critical judgment. Fall

  • COMM3348 A practical and informative course describing the various aspects of the television advertising business (programming, sales, rating, negotiations) with special emphasis on network television.

  • COMM3362 Analysis of case history studies of advertising campaigns. Preparation of an actual campaign.

  • COMM3444 An introduction to the purposes and practices of public relations, its role in administration and in society. The essentials of different activities in public relations and various media are studied, basic skills are taught and applications are made to case studies.

  • COMM4001 Practical experience in communication in a professional setting.

  • FILM1005 THE LANGUAGE OF CINEMA. Techniques in camera, story, and editing are stressed. Narrative and Documentary productions are assigned, as the class pursues both an understanding of basic production and storytelling concepts.

  • MKTG2120 Principles of Marketing is an introductory course that is designed to enable the student to understand the basic concepts and tools of modern marketing practice and appreciate the importance of marketing decisions dealing with product, price, distribution and promotion. The course will emphasize the interplay between these marketing decisions and environmental forces (competitive, economic, technological, socio-cultural, and legal-regulatory). The course will also provide the student with an understanding of consumer behavior, market research, market segmentation and positioning. Students taking this course need to have a Sophomore standing, having completed 32 credits.

  • MKTG4272 Course will provide students with a conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of buyer behavior and its role in the development of mar- keting strategy. This course will examine the psychological, sociological and economic founda- tions of the field and consumer behavior and the relationship of these theories to managerial decisions. The course will be taught from the perspective of the marketing manager who needs knowledge of buyer behavior to develop, evaluate and implement effective marketing strategies.

  • MKTG4365 This course is designed to provide an overview of marketing communication, including the management, strategy and creative development of advertising, publicity, sales promotion and other forms of marketing communication. Topics include research, segmentation, branding, positioning creativity and media selection.