The psychology department, in conjunction with the biological and allied health sciences and chemistry and geology departments, offers a course of study leading to a BA in psychology with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience. This is designed for students wishing to earn a baccalaureate degree with an emphasis on the physiological basis of behavior. The curriculum of 128 credits is structured to maximize the benefits available through the interdisciplinary study of psychology, biology and chemistry. Undergraduate course requirements provide for the integrated understanding of the pharmacology of drug action and brain function as they relate to the discipline of behavioral neuroscience.

Course study culminates with an advanced experimental psychology seminar providing “hands-on laboratory experience” using current neuroscience methods.

Graduates would be prepared for graduate study in psychology, biology or neuroscience. This program also may be viewed as leading to premedical, pre-dental or pre-nursing school training. Career openings exist in pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical sales and marketing, hospital laboratory technology and animal care.

Degree Plan

Required Laboratory Sciences (8 Credits)

Required Major Courses (44 credits)

Major Elective Courses (5–7 credits)

Select courses from these areas: