Department of Social Sciences and History

The minor in criminology enables students to examine the following as they relate to race, class, gender, and sexuality:

  • Nature and causes of crime,
  • Deviant and criminal behavior, and
  • Aspects of the criminal justice system (e.g. police, courts, prison, etc.)

Required (3 credits)

CMLGY1306 Introduction to Crime and Criminology

Electives (12 credits)

Select from the following:  

CMLGY1201   Introduction to Sociology

CMLGY2203   Research Methods in Criminology

CMLGY2204   Qualitative Research Methods  

CMLGY2211   Economics of Crime

CMLGY2300   Wrongful Convictions

CMLGY2307   Social Deviance

CMLGY2309   Major Works in Crime & Criminology

CMLGY2310   Social Problems

CMLGY2317   Probation & Parole

CMLGY2333   Criminal Law

CMLGY2360   Victimology

CMLGY2431   Anthropology of Crime

CMLGY2701   Penology

CMLGY2990   Crime in the City

CMLGY3005   Abnormal Psychology

CMLGY3012   Crisis Intervention

CMLGY3030   Surveillance and Security

CMLGY3040   Capture & Control

CMLGY3207   Offender Reentry & Reintegration

CMLGY3301   Women and Crime

CMLGY3307   Civil Liberties & Civil Rights

CMLGY3308   Law & Society

CMLGY3309   Policy Analysis

CMLGY3310   Juvenile Delinquency

CMLGY3316   Global Terrorism

CMLGY3348   Torture, Interrogation & the State

CMLGY3349   War & Crime

CMLGY3360   Forensic Psychology

CMLGY3404   International Criminal Law

CMLGY3997   Internship in Criminology

Course Descriptions