Minor in Environmental Science for non Science Majors.

Required 15 credits of 15 credit minor

  • ENVR 1101/1102 Physical Geology is offered in the Fall (3)
  • ENVR 1111/1112 Oceanography offered in Spring (3)
  • PHYS 1126/1026 Earth Physics offered in the Fall (3)
  • PHYS 1125/1025 Astronomy is offered in the Spring (3)
  • BIOL 1105/1115 The Human Environment offered Fall and Spring (3)

Course Descriptions

  • BIOL1105 Includes interaction with the biological, chemical and physical topics, population growth, technological change, resource availability and pollution problems.

  • ENVR1101 The structure and composition of the earth and the natural procresses on and within it. Fall, Spring

  • ENVR1111 An introduction to physical, chemical, and biological oceanography, and the geology of the sea floor, ocean sediments, and beaches. Field trips. Spring

  • PHYS1125 Orbital motion, telescopes, stellar astronomy, celestial coor- dinates, the solar system and its evolution, types of stars, galaxies and the universe.

  • PHYS1126 A laboratory science elective intended for liberal arts students, life science and non-science majors. Can be taken before or after PHYS1125, PHYS1025 Astronomy or GEOL1101, GEOL1111 Introductory Geology. A topical treatment, not highly mathematical. The ori- gin of the earth as a member of the solar system, composition and internal structure of the earth, geophysics, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, physical oceanography and the related question of natural and artificial pollutants.