The objective of the certificate is to provide expertise in both the business and technological sides of e-commerce: doing business on the Internet. The program participants will learn successful market structures and business models, as well as Internet programming on the client and the server sides.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the certificate program requires a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a satisfactory academic record.

Certificate Curriculum

18 credits (six courses) are to be chosen from the following:

  • CSCI5550 Business Programming Techniques and Data Structures (or)
  • CSCI5505 Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CSCI5525 Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSCI6735 Client-Server Computing
  • CSCI6758 Electronic Commerce
  • CSCI6810 Java and the Internet
  • CSCI6844 Programming for the Internet
  • CSCI7795 Building Electronic Commerce Systems


Students must satisfy the prerequisites of the courses that they will take.

Academic Credits

Courses with number 6000 or higher completed through this certificate program can be credited toward the M.S. Electronic Commerce program. Other courses may be substituted with prior approval of the Academic Advisor.

Special Information

Special tuition rate is available at 33 1/3% off the regular tuition rate for eligible students.