This 36-credit program is designed to develop teachers to become leaders in the field of literacy and reading and is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education for a second Endorsement/ Certification license: Reading Specialist and Supervisor Certificate. Candidates are required to have two (2) years successful teaching to earn Reading Specialist Endorsement/Certification and three (3) years to earn Supervisor Certification.

Degree Plan

Required Courses leading to NJ State Literacy/Reading Specialist Certification/Endorsement & Supervisor Certification

The following courses lead to certification as a Literacy/Reading Specialist:

  • EDUC6673     Integrating Literacy & Technology Across the Curriculum
  • EDUC6605     Foundations in Reading I
  • EDUC6606     Foundations in Reading II
  • EDUC6607     Diagnosis of Reading Problems
  • EDUC6666     Supervised Practicum in Correction of Reading Problems
  • EDUC6609     Supervised Practicum in Reading
  • EDUC6582     Distance Learning & Children’s Literature

The following courses lead to certification as a Supervisor:

  • EDUC6702     Curriculum and Instruction: Theory and Practice
  • EDUC6703     Supervision of Instruction & Personnel Evaluation
  • EDUC6718     Curriculum/Program Evaluation and Student Assessment
  • EDUC6704     Change: Curriculum Development & Program Improvement

Course required for completion of the M. A. in Education:

  • EDUC7674     Master’s Seminar: Research in Specialization 

For candidates seeking additional preparation, but not certification:

For individuals who do not need state endorsement but want to learn more about current literacy research, balanced reading approaches, and specific reading strategies, there is an alternative 18-credit FDU Certificate. This pathway offers K-12 classroom teachers a concentration of courses that will extend their knowledge and skills in language arts, literacy,  reading, and effective teaching strategies that envision student literacy as a foundation for learning in other content areas. Please contact the School of Education for more information about this training option.