This 18-credit, 6-course certificate is designed to provide students with skills and knowledge to address coaching at all levels of sports. Coaching methodology, nutrition, conditioning, human performance, and team administration are areas studied in the program. These credits can also be applied to the Master of Sport Management degree.

Required Course:

MSA 6704 – Internship I or Independent Job-Related Project (This course meets the required course for each certificate in the program. It cannot be taken until students complete at least 9-credits, 3 courses in the program.)

Choose any five of the following courses:

  • MSA 6605   Legal and Professional Ethics in Sports
  • MSA 6608*  Sports Risk Assessment
  • MSA 6611*  Coaching Leadership
  • MSA 6612   Coaching Theory Methods and Issues
  • MSA 6613*  Coaching Psychology
  • MSA 6614*  Assessing Human Performance
  • MSA 6615*  Effective Team Administration
  • MSA 6633*  Weight Training & Conditioning


Students may also select up to two electives from the list of electives below:

  • MSA 6624   Organization and Administration of Sports
  • MSA 6625   Physiological Basis of Physical Fitness
  • MSA 6626* Nutrition for Sports and Fitness
  • MSA 6628*  Valuing Diversity
  • MSA 6629*  Motivation and Performance
  • MSA 6630   Global Sports
  • MSA 6634*  Sports Security
  • MSA 6635*  Events Planning and Administration
  • MSA 6636   Internship

* Also available in the online modality.

Course Descriptions