The Italian Studies Minor is designed to offer Becton College Students who study for the fall/spring semester or for summer session at Bergamo University the opportunity to earn a minor that recognizes Bergamo’s unique Italian-centered curriculum. Students take select courses at Becton College and Bergamo in order to filfill the required 15 credit hours for the minor.

Choose up to 15 credits, but must include 9 credits in Language & Literature as well as 6 credits in History & Social Sciences.

Students must take Italian language through the Intermediate level but may earn credit for Advanced-language courses at Bergamo or Becton.

Required (3-6 credits)

  • ITAL 1002 Beginning Italian II
  • ITAL 2003 Italian Conversation I or ITAL 2004 Italian Conversation II

Language & Literature Electives* (3-6 credits)

  • ITAL 2005 Italian Film
  • ITAL 3390 Italian Mafia in Literature & Film
  • ITAL 4800 Independent Study in Italian

History & Social Science Electives (6 credits)

  • HIST 2223 Renaissance & Reformation
  • HIST 3321 Roman Republic or HIST 3322 Roman Empire

Bergamo Courses

Students will receive credit for relevant courses approved by the department in Italian-centered curriculum.

Additional courses will be added to this list as additional course offerings become available.

Course Descriptions

  • HIST2223 An examination of Europe during the late Middle Ages, the artistic and cultural flourishing's of the Renaissance, and the Reformation with its religious wars. Includes emphasis on sources written and created during the period, as well as historians' assessments of their importance and impact.

  • HIST3321 An examination of ancient Rome from its origins to the beginning of the Empire (c. 500-14 BCE). Special attention will be paid to Social, Cultural political and legal developments through the use of both primary and secondary sources.

  • HIST3322 Roman civilization from the creation of the imperial system by Augustus to its collapse in the West under the impact of the Germanic invaders.

  • ITAL1002 An introduction to the language with practice in reading, writing and conversation.

  • ITAL2003 Course focuses on conversation through writing, reading, literature and grammar.

  • ITAL2004 This course reviews important grammar topics and discusses contemporary issues in Italy.

  • ITAL2005 Development of the Italian cinema from Neo-Realism to today, in particular dealing with Rossellini, Fellini, Desica, Bertolucci, Pasolini, Antonioni and Wertmueller. Taught in English.

  • ITAL3390 The course examines the evolution of organized crime in Italy (termed mafia, Cosa Nostra, camorra, 'ndrangheta, etc.) from its beginning in the second half of the 19th century to the twenty-first, through the analysis of novels, films, newspaper articles, and documentaries.

  • ITAL4800 Independent study under the direction of a specific faculty member aftger consultation with the department chairperson. Limited to advanced courses.