The 15-credit Journalism minor is intended for students who seek to develop a richer understanding of broadcast, online, and print media. The purpose of the minor in journalism is to offer students the opportunity to build a skill-set suitable for the professional field of news media. Students can choose from a variety of courses, such as news writing, news editing and article writing. They can also gain newsroom experience through the Practicum course or the completion of a department approved Internship.

Required Courses (9 credits):

  •     COMM 2011 Introduction to Journalism
  •     COMM 3012 Newswriting
  •     COMM 3016 News Editing

Electives (6 credits) selected from the list below:

  •     COMM 2214 Intro to Radio Broadcasting and Digital Journalism
  •     COMM 2345  Journalism Practicum
  •     COMM 2443 Media Ethics
  •     COMM 3013   Feature Writing
  •     COMM 3015 Political Reporting
  •     COMM 3248 Writing for Broadcast and Podcast
  •     COMM 3432  Sports Journalism
  •     COMM 3248   Writing for Podcast & Broadcast 
  •     COMM 4444 Multimedia Journalism 

Course Descriptions