The Medical Humanities minor provides an interdisciplinary and interprofessional approach to investigating and understanding the profound effects of illness, disease, and health on patients, healthcare professionals, and the social worlds in which they live and work.

The minor is designed for students who are planning to pursue careers in Medicine, healthcare policy, health law, psychology, public and/or global health, social work, patient advocacy, health journalism, bioethics, or healthcare management. The minor is recommended for students majoring in pre-med, nursing, philosophy, sociology and social work, public health, pre-law, biology, allied health.

The minor is offered through the Department of Literature, Languages, Writing, and Humanities in Becton College of Arts and Sciences.

Required Courses (3 credits)

HUMN2700 Medical Humanities

Elective Courses (12 credits)

Students must select 12 credits from the list of elective courses. At least 2 of the 4 courses should be from arts and humanities (A) and at least 2 should be from the natural and social sciences (B and C).

A. Humanities

  • CREW2017 Health/Healing-Telling Story (3 Credits)
  • MEDT1130 Bioethics (3 Credits)
  • LITS2701 Health & Healing (3 Credits)
  • LITS2702 Literary Perspectives on Mental Health/Mental Illness (3 credits)
  • LITS2703 Literary Perspectives on Disability (3 credits)
  • LITS2704 Literary Perspectives on Health, Illness, and Death (3 credits)
  • LITS2705 Literary Perspectives on Aging (3 credits)
  • PHIL1440 Biomedical Ethics (3 Credits)
  • PHIL2258 Ethical and Moral Analysis of Science (3 Credits)
  • PHIL2351 Medical Law and Ethics (3 Credits)

B. Social Sciences

  • ANTH1202 Cultural Anthropology (3 Credits)
  • PSYC1201 General Psychology (3 Credits)
  • PSYC3306 Psychology of Aging (3 Credits)
  • PSYC3307 Human Sexuality (3 Credits)
  • PSYC3510 Death and Dying (3 Credits)
  • PSYC3330 Health Psychology (3 Credits)
  • PSYC3335 Cognitive Psychology (3 Credits)
  • PSYC3430 Psychology of Gender (3 Credits)
  • SOCI1201 Introduction to Sociology (3 Credits)
  • SOCI2951 Health and Illness (3 Credits)
  • SOCI3318 Health & Society: Access & Issues (3 Credits)

C. Natural Science