(For non GOVT majors)

Required courses (15 credits)

  • GOVT1101     Introduction to Political Science
  • GOVT1102     Geography and World Issues
  • GOVT2130     International Relations
  • GOVT2231     Comparative Government and Politics                    
  • GOVT1000     American Government

Course Descriptions

  • GOVT1000 Structure and function of American national government: roles of interest groups and political parties, voting behavior, powers of president, Congress, bureaucracy and federal judiciary, Fall, Spring.

  • GOVT1101 The basic concepts of the discipline, its school of thought, its subfields and terminologies.

  • GOVT1102 This course investigates the linkage among geographical factors, political process and economic systems. This class will focus on that relationship as it impacts the political, economic and human environment of this diverse geopolitical world.

  • GOVT2130 Theories and problems of international politics and foreign policy.

  • GOVT2231 Comparison of the development and functions of governmental institutions of selected modern political systems.