Metro Campus

A minor in psychology for non-psychology majors consists of 15 credits beyond the core.

One Required Foundation Course (3 credits)

  • PSYC 1201 General Psychology

Three Required Major courses (9 credits) from the following:

  • PSYC2210 Statistics
  • PSYC2204 Child Development
  • PSYC2234 Social Psychology
  • PSYC2211 Research Methods [Prerequisite: PSYC2210 Statistics or equivalent in major (e.g., DSCI2130 Business Statistics)]
  • PSYC3005 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC3015 Theories of Personality

One Psychology elective (3 credits)

Florham Campus

The only required course for psychology minor is PSYC_1201(General Psychology). After taking PSYC_1201 they can take any 4 psychology courses of their choice. 

Course Descriptions