The 15-credit social justice advocacy minor is offered by the department of criminology and criminal justice, Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences, at the Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey.

CRIM1135 Social Justice & Structural Inequality (Fall – Required)
CRIM1112 Race, Gender, & Criminal Justice (Spring – Required)

Select any 3 courses

CRIM1130 Working with Children & Families (Spring)
CRIM2204 Juvenile Justice & Delinquency (Fall/Spring)
CRIM1125 Intro to Social Justice Advocacy (Fall)
CRIM2208 Victimology (Fall/Spring)
CRIM3320 Interviewing & Counseling (Fall)
CRIM3324 Community Resource Mgt. (Spring)
CRIM3326 Rehabilitative & Reentry Strategies (Fall)
CRIM2203 Crime and Inequality (Spring)
CRIM3307 Domestic Violence (Fall/Spring)