This certificate program, tailored to the needs of mechanical contractors (HVAC, steam and product piping, etc.), has been developed by FDU’s highly experienced faculty to prepare the student for an exciting and financially rewarding career in mechanical engineering technology. This certificate program is designed to expand your technical skills.

Curriculum Plan


Student must take EGTG3351 for EGTM4040, and EGTM4040 for EGTM4041

At least 18 credits (six courses) are needed to earn the certificate.

EGTC3261     Estimating I
EGTG4254     Fluid Mechanics
EGTG3351     Applied Thermodynamics
EGTG4224     Process & Electromechanical Control Systems
EGTC4263     Project Management &Control I
EGTC4264     Project Management &Control II
EGTC4260     Contracts and Specifications
EGTM4040     Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
EGTM4041     HVAC Controls *

Course Descriptions