Appendix 2 to Shared Governance Charter: Priority of the Faculty Handbook

As per the preamble of this document, the Faculty Handbook takes precedence for any matter listed in it. Accordingly, the topics and issues listed below, while either constituting academic decisions themselves or related to academic decisions, are defined and described in the Faculty

Handbook and are not subject to the shared governance processes described in this Charter. The University’s faculty may choose to review these topics and issues in the Faculty Senate and propose changes to the Faculty Handbook as per the practices, processes, and policies of the Faculty Senate:

[Topics listed here appear in the order of their appearance in the Table of Contents of the Faculty Handbook]

Definition of the University Faculty

Composition, Purposes, Functions, Jurisdiction of the Faculty Senate, Selection of Its Officers, Meetings, Bylaws, and Committees

Organization, Structures, Bylaws of the Colleges, Schools, Academic Departments, Academic Programs

The Hiring of Faculty

Faculty Status Review (reappointment, tenure, and promotion)

Faculty Dismissal

Faculty Grievance Procedures

Dismissal of Faculty for Cause

Imposition of Sanctions Other Than Dismissal

Termination Due to Discontinuance of a Program or Department

Faculty Workload

Faculty Research and Travel

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Non-University Employment of Faculty Members

Faculty Personnel Files

Leaves of Absence

Faculty Benefits

Evaluation of Academic Administrators

Financial Exigency

Other academic matters such as those stipulated in the Faculty Handbook for the scope of work of the APR Committee (e.g., academic policies of broad university scope, general academic standards, learning outcomes assessment, admissions, requirements for degrees, continuing education, independent study, credit by examination, credit for work or life experience, internships, final examinations, the Honors Program, global education, distance learning, and the core curriculum)

Other issues or topics that may be added to the Faculty Handbook in the future

Other academic matters not mentioned in the Faculty Handbook per se but included in the notion of “academic matters” as defined generally by the scope of authority of the Faculty Senate.