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Video recordings play at least two powerful roles: They introduce FDU programs, places, and people to visitors, and they archive compelling public events so those events are available to a wider audience.

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Video Virtual Tours

  • In short video clips, six different Wroxton students tell what made Wroxton special for them.

    This 14-minute video presents Wroxton and its history and surroundings with a focus on how the British tutorial system affects how students study there.

  • A very brief introduction to FDU’s newest campus and the beautiful city that hosts it: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • The Florham Campus co-stars in the popular YouTube video “2-Year-Old Tour Guide.”

  • Not a video tour, but an audio commentary on nine features of Hennessy Hall, the mansion centerpiece of the Florham estate and campus. Enjoy the introduction as you walk through the mansion.

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