Change of Schedule

A Change of Schedule provides the student the opportunity to add or drop courses based on dates from the Academic Calendar. Students are required to follow the same guidelines as an initial Registration. Students can add/drop (Change of Schedule) during the first week of the semester via Self-Service.

Withdrawing from a class

After the last day of the add/drop period, based on dates from the Academic Calendar, the student can still withdrawal from courses. Withdrawal — not to be credited toward the baccalaureate requirements nor averaged into the CGPR. A student may withdraw from a course through the ninth week of a semester (through the fourth week of a six-week summer session). After the ninth week (fourth week in a six-week summer session, fifth week in an eight-week course), withdrawal may be permitted for serious, documented, medical reasons or other unusual extenuating circumstances. Students requesting late withdrawal should present evidence of unusual circumstances and/or medical documentation to the Dean of the College or Director of the School. A withdrawal may result in changes to your financial aid; for more information please visit Withdrawals, Cancellations, Refunds Policy or contact the Financial Aid Office.