FDU and the United Nations

FDU has been associated with the United Nations since its inception in 1945, and that tradition has deepened through our NGO status with the UN’s Department of Public Information. The United Nations Pathways, organized by the Office of Global Learning, provides multiple U.N. programs for our FDU community.

Lectures on Video

Campus lectures by U.N. ambassadors and interactive video conferences from the U.N. are hosted on our FDU Global Events channel from YouTube.

70 Years of Shared History

"There are few ambassadors at the United Nations who do not know of the concern at our institution for international well-being and understanding."
— Dr. Peter Sammartino, Founding President, FDU
"It's a vital resource right at our doorstep and a major part of our efforts to educate global citizens."
— Dr. J. Michael Adams, Former President, FDU
"The path between Fairleigh Dickinson and the United Nations is well-worn indeed, to the benefit of both of us."
— H.E. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General, United Nations


The rationale behind the historical relationship between FDU and the UN is simple:

  • The United Nations is one of the world’s greatest classrooms, offering formal and informal opportunities for learning to undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty.
  • The United Nations is one of the world’s foremost research organizations in areas of peace and security, migration, education, health, economic development, the environment, etc.
  • Through its conferences, the United Nations is one of the world’s leading conveners of global problem-solvers.
  • Through its field operations, United Nations is one of the world’s greatest mechanisms for social and economic progress, as well as peace and security.
  • The United Nations is committed more than any other world organization to the principles of global citizenship, which also is the mission of FDU.
  • Working with civil society partners the United Nations is better equipped to face global challenges — FDU exemplifies global citizenship by working with the UN.

FDU is proud of its support for the United Nations and grateful for the opportunities provided by the UN to our students, faculty, and staff.

Formal Relations

  • Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (the first university in the world to receive this status)
  • Founding Member of UN Academic Impact Program (the first university in the world to join)
  • Full Member of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relations with the United Nations (the first university in the world)
  • NGO recognized by the UN Department of Public Information (third university in the USA)
  • Member of Principles for Responsible Business Education (PRME)

Opportunities for FDU Students, Staff, and Faculty

The United Nations Pathways, organized by the Office of Global Learning, provides multiple UN programming opportunities for our FDU community.

  • Ambassador Lecture/Forum Series
  • UN HQ Briefings and Tours in NYC
  • Courses on the UN
  • Internship and Volunteer Opportunities for students
  • Membership on UN NGO committees for faculty
  • Partnerships with other UN-accredited NGOs
  • Participation in Global Conferences
  • UN Day Celebrations such as UN Culture of Peace Day and the International Day of Happiness
  • UNA-USA Campus Chapter (Florham and Metropolitan campuses)
  • Model UN Club (Vancouver Campus)
  • Participation in UN public awareness campaigns
  • Development of projects for the UN Academic Impact program
  • Submission of expert testimony to UN conferences
  • Summer Youth Leadership Programs

If you have any questions or need more information on the U.N. Pathways Program, please contact Diana Cvitan.

Contact Information

Diana Cvitan

(201) 692-7161