Role of the Principal Investigator

Agency sponsored grant or contract awards are binding instruments between the sponsor and the University on behalf of a Principal Investigator / Program Director (PI/PD). The PI/PD is responsible for successful implementation and conduct of the sponsored project, and programmatic and fiscal management consistent with the terms and conditions of the award. Responsibilities include:

  • Assurance of compliance with University and federally-mandated regulations, e.g. Training in Responsible Conduct of Research; Conflict of Interest Disclosure; and Human Subject Protections.
  • Assurance that all personnel at FDU and sub-recipient universities, i.e. faculty, consultants, students and staff carry out their responsibilities in accordance with a mutually-approved workscope.
  • Attestation that all fiscal obligations/expenditures are for the purpose intended on the grant, and in accordance with University and government policies and procedures.
  • Assurance that all technical reports are prepared/submitted consistent with award terms/conditions.
  • Assurance that all fiscal reports are completed/submitted.

Although the PI/PD may delegate administrative responsibility to another individual (co-PI/PD or Project Manager), he/she is the primary party responsible for fiscal oversight, and changes in programmatic conduct.