We are a dedicated team of professionals ready to guide you in seeking, securing and managing your research ventures. Our primary goal as a centralized service resource is to inform and educate those passionate about intellectual and novel peer-reviewed investigations that will advance cutting-edge research and novel educational models in the pursuit of academic excellence.


Grant Process

Professional Development


Proposal Development & Grants Management


Professional Development & Training

Mission and Objectives

Grants and Sponsored Projects (GSP) seeks to advance the quality of teaching and education through the pursuit of faculty achievement and student scholarship. Our objective is to promote professional collaborations and multi-disciplinary alliances. The GSP will facilitate the identification of funding opportunities, proposal development, and programmatic and fiduciary oversight of government awards.

GSP Staff

Lauren Muniz, Senior Sponsored Programs Specialist
She will assist the University Director with pre- and post-award activities, work with faculty and staff on proposal preparation to federal and state funding agencies, monitor expenditures, facilitate the completion and submission of financial and narrative reports, and work on special projects as needed.

Kim Diccianni, Human Subject Protections/Research Compliance Manager
Kim manages the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for human subject research compliance, works closely with the IRB Chair in support of faculty and student IRB protocols that relate to human subject research compliance. She works with the University Director to review and/or develop federal compliance policies, and oversees Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) compliance training, e.g. Responsible Conduct in Research, Human Subjects Protections, and Conflict of Interest.  She also provides in-person training to graduate and honors students on an as needed basis.

About Our Services

Pre-Award: A Summary of Services

  • Facilitate identification of funding sources
  • Collaborate with faculty on feasibility
  • Complete electronic application forms
  • Prepare budgets and budget justifications
  • Review of draft proposals
  • Coordinate multi-site collaborations
  • Facilitate the internal approval process
  • Central office for human subject protections/IRB review
  • Finalizes electronic transmission of proposals

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Post-Award: A Summary of Services

To facilitate the post-award process, the Grants Office:

  • Reviews and accepts awards on behalf of the university
  • Reviews and negotiates terms/conditions of contracts and agreements
  • Reviews and authorizes all grant expenditures
  • Monitors program implementation
  • Ensures compliance with a variety of federal and state regulations
  • Assists with the timely submission of required financial and technical reports
  • Serves as primary liaison between faculty and funding agencies
  • Coordinates with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for human subject research

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What’s New

University Provost Intramural Grant Program

Program Summary

The University Provost (UP) Intramural Grant Program is an annual competition for tenured and tenure-track faculty that seeks to advance the University’s core principles through the development of ongoing, new, and cross-disciplinary initiatives that contribute to professional growth, collaborative models and educational excellence. Each year, in December, the UP publishes an annual funding announcement offering intramural support under two programs, namely, Seed and Collaborative Grant Programs with the intent of cultivating faculty research with potential for competitively securing extramural support.  See University Provost Seed Grant Program for access to the online application portal, program guidelines, FAQs, and a register of UP Intramural Grant Awards over the past five years.

Current Awards

Featuring Faculty Scholarship: The University values faculty research commitment and hereby acknowledges achievements in eternal government sponsorship for investigator-initiated research, advances in theoretical and applied education, scholarships, graduate-level training and other models of academic success.

See the Current Research Awards.