Proposal Development Forms

The FDU Proposal Authorization Form is required one week prior to submission of an extramural proposal.

FDU Proposal Authorization Form

Budget templates incorporate FDU fringe benefits/indirect cost rates.

Budget Template (3-Year)

Budget Template (5-Year)

NIH Budget Template (5-Year)

University Provost Seed Grant Forms

The Seed Grant Application Form is subject to change each year.

Evaluation and Assessment

GANTT Form can be used to create a project timeline. See FDU Toolkit Proposal Toolkit for more resources on Evaluation/Assessment.

Independent Contractor Forms

Independent Contractor Forms including the Independent Contractor Agreement and Guide for Determining Workers’ Status must be completed for each Consultant working on government grant.

Statement of Intent to Collaborate

To be completed prior to proposal submission when FDU is the Prime Institution and a sub-recipient University is a key collaborator.

Statement of Intent to Collaborate