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We work hard to be the most-accessible admissions team there is. Find your admissions counselor to ask about the college application process, how you can pursue what you love at FDU, and what to look forward to as a future FDU Knight or Devil.  We’ll provide you with the information you need to confidently navigate one of the most important decisions in your life!

Danielle Balsamo

Territory: District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia

Favorite Place on Campus: Walking up Mansion Mall towards Hennessy Hall. I love imagining what it must have looked like in its heyday with horse drawn carriages arriving.
Personal Fun Fact: Traveling is my favorite past time. I love learning new languages, exploring new cultures and immersing myself in each new place’s history. 

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Samantha Bell

Territory: Middlesex County (NJ), Somerset County (NJ)


Favorite Place on Campus: The World Peace Sculpture in front of Robison Hall. It reminds me to stop, take a moment to myself, and inspires me to always try to do better!
Personal Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with podcasts about music and politics. During my free time on campus, I’ll put my ear buds in and go for a walk by the river and catch up with all of my favorite podcasts!

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Territory: Morris County (NJ), Hunterdon County (NJ), Warren County (NJ), Sussex County (NJ)





Counselor Coming Soon

Territory: Atlantic County (NJ), Cape May County (NJ), Monmouth County (NJ), Ocean County (NJ)

Matthew Olencki

Territory: Westchester, Rockland, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Upstate NY

Favorite Place on Campus: Commencement Green is my favorite place to get some fresh air and see the seasons changing on campus. Whenever I walk by Commencement Green, there are always people relaxing between classes, or participating in one of our awesome student life activities!
Personal Fun Fact: I am a proud Fairleigh Dickinson University Alum. I attended the Florham Campus and even got the opportunity to study abroad for a semester at our Wroxton College Campus. 

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Karina Pedraza

Territory: Essex County (NJ), Passaic County (NJ), EOF (Educational Opportunity Fund) Admission Coordinator


Favorite Place on Campus: Outside the Zen Building next to the original columns. It offers great campus views and a relaxing environment to enjoy.
Personal Fun Fact: I love to read! My favorite genre is young adult fiction. I am also a part of a book club and love discussing all the great stories that we have read.

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Alexa Perez

Territory: Bergen County (NJ), Richmond County (NY)


Favorite Place on Campus: The Student Union Building (“SUB” for short). This building has everything a student would need – the cafeteria, information desk, game room, and much more! Whenever I go inside the SUB, I always see a Student Ambassador on tour sharing their love for FDU!
Personal Fun Fact: My favorite thing to do is travel! I love visiting new places, meeting new people, and learning new cultures. So far, I’ve visited 35 states and 3 continents, but my favorite place (by far) has been New Zealand!

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Counselor Coming Soon

Territory: Florida, Georgia



Admission counselors for both transfer and freshman students

James Brennan

Territory: Hudson (NJ), Transfer Counselor for Metropolitan Campus


Favorite Place on Campus: The newly renovated footbridge. There are benches and tables on the bridge that allow you to do some work with a view of the Hackensack River.
Personal Fun Fact: I am a diehard New York Yankees fan and I try to go to as many games as possible during the season.  Being so close to New York City, I usually get the chance to go to about 20 games a year!  My all-time favorite player is Bernie Williams.

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Nicole Longo

Territory: Burlington County (NJ), Camden County (NJ), Cumberland County (NJ), Gloucester County (NJ), Mercer County (NJ), Salem County (NJ)


Favorite Place on Campus: The back of the Mansion. It’s a beautiful place to sit and look at all of the leaves changing colors on the trees!
Personal Fun Fact: I love the beach and spend most of my time there during the summer months. I also enjoy playing tennis, and played it all through high school! Chat with Nicole

Jordan Westcott

Territory: Union County (NJ), Transfer Counselor for Florham Campus


Favorite Place on Campus: The Rec Center. Whether I’m catching a workout or watching a game, it helps me unwind and clear my mind.
Personal Fun Fact: I enjoy traveling and hiking and I’m always looking for a new adventure!

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