Cafeteria, Café, Pub

Even the most finicky palate will find something delicious to eat at the Florham Campus. The main cafeteria, located in the Student Center, features a variety of food court-style selections.

In addition to daily hot foods, students can choose from a pasta bar, salad bar and such traditional college favorites as cold cuts and cheeses, burgers and fries. To top off a meal, you can create your own ice cream or frozen yogurt dessert. Vegetarian, low-fat and other special diets can be maintained through the variety of selections offered.

FDU’s Flex Plan makes dining easy, providing you with ample options so dining never is boring. Through the plan, students are given an electronic card with meal credits that can be “spent” at the dining hall and other dining sites on campus. If work, studies or student activities delay you from regular mealtime hours, you can choose from limited “after-hours” selections in the dining area or get your late night snacks from the “Grill”.  The Perk offers gourmet coffees and snacks. With the Flex Plan card, you never need to carry cash for food — your meal is automatically credited against your food account.