Office of Campus Life

Involve. Ignite. Inspire.

IgniteThe Office of Campus Life fosters student growth and development; provide opportunities for students to value and critically think about the knowledge they have received in the classroom and apply it to their own lives; encourage student involvement in the campus community; and enhance the student college experience.

We accomplish these goals through a wide variety of activities, opportunities, workshops, and events, and by overseeing the activity of the fifty clubs and organizations. Some of the areas we are responsible for include (but are not limited to):

  • Campus Activities
  • Weekend Programs
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Greek Life
  • New Student Orientation
  • First Year Experience
  • Orientation Leader Supervision and Selection
  • Welcome Week
  • Devil Days
  • Resident Assistant Supervision and Selection
  • Residence Hall Community Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Management of the Student Center
  • The Bottle Hill Room and Pub
  • Homecoming Activities and Family Weekend
  • School Spirit Initiatives
  • TRUMBA Events Calendar
  • The Pillar Student Newspaper
  • WFDM Radio Station
  • Diversity Initiatives
  • LGBT Safe Space
  • uFit @ FDU Wellness Program

Florham Events Calendar

Through our many efforts, it is our hope that there is never a student who feels that “there is nothing to do on campus.” Our mission is based on discovering new strategies and techniques for involving the students of the FDU community in their college experience by joining a club/organization, attending campus activities, participating in Intramurals, or checking out a live Division III athletic event.

As students become more involved in their community, we understand the motivation to bring more exciting and interesting programming to campus! The Office of Campus Life highly encourages students to provide us with their ideas and suggestions for programs and events that they would like to see at the Florham Campus.

The Office of Campus Life was instituted to provide the students and community members of Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham Campus with co-curricular and developmental programming, activities, and opportunities to promote the achievement of their greatest potential. Students who involve themselves in their college experience, whether by attending office-sponsored activities or participating in student organizations, understand the skills and personality attributes that can be highly influential in their lives and earned both in and outside the classroom.

Our mission is committed to providing students with varied and exciting opportunities to be involved in, as being involved will ignite a new interest or energy towards an area of their growth. As students progress through their years with FDU at Florham Campus, the Office of Campus Life works with student leaders to help them achieve their personal, organizational, and community goals. Our mission relies on our professional ability to inspire students to become involved in their campus community. It becomes a cycle when our student leaders begin to inspire others to become just as involved, and ignite new ideas for themselves and the FDU community.