Academic Achievement Program

Advisors are available to help students on academic probation improve their academic standing through the Academic Achievement Program. This program promotes time management, study skills, effective communication techniques and setting realistic goals so that students learn how to achieve and maintain good academic standing.

Overview of Academic Achievement Program

WHO: Students on probation with cumulative or semester GPA below 2.0

WHY: To foster academic development and success in students who are struggling academically.

WHAT: 3-5 meetings with an academic advisor specifically covering important study strategies, time management skills and/or stress management techniques to encourage and support positive academic and personal development.

WHERE: Academic Advising, Robison Hall, Rm. 30

Goals and Objectives

  • Academic Rehabilitation
  • Provide the skills necessary to create academic achievement
  • Development of academically aware student
  • Enhance overall FDU experience
  • Setting the stage to make the most out of college
  • Provide individual assessment

Schedule your appointment by contacting the Academic Advisement Center at 201-692-2339

What students say about the Academic Achievement Program:

“The program is a great help.”

“I was very grateful to have such a concerned and helpful counselor.”

“I have used the study skills suggested for me and they worked out well and reflected in my grades.”

“The program did a whole lot more than what was expected.”

“I have implemented time management strategies to my weekly schedules. I am better prepared for classes and not stressed as much as I used to be.”

“My counselor recognized me as a person first and then a student.”

“The program helped keep me on track and motivated. It lets you know how you are doing all while giving you the opportunity to connect with someone who cares about your future.”

“I would encourage anyone who is struggling to become a part of this program.”

“The faculty feedback forms (progress reports) gave me confidence and it let me know what I had to improve in.”