Degree Audit FAQs

What is Degree Audit?

  • Degree Audit is an online version of your checksheet. It allows you to see what you’ve completed, what you have in progress, and what you have left to complete your degree.
  • It will also reflect your GPA and the number of credits you have completed.
  • Every major has a different degree audit which outlines the specific courses that you will need to fulfill both your college’s general requirements and the required courses for your major. Your degree audit also notes if your are required to complete a minor.

Why should I use Degree Audit?

  • Degree Audit helps you keep track of all your requirements and lets you plan for the future semesters.
  • If you’re undeclared, you can now use it to view the requirements for a possible desired major by using the link “What If I Changed my Metro Course of Study”. This will let you see how what you’ve taken applies to that major and what courses you should consider in the future.

How do I access Degree Audit?

  • You can access Degree Audit at any time by logging onto your Self-Service account. Once you reach the main menu, you will need to click on the link “Degree Audit”.
  • On the next screen you will need to select your current major which will be indicated as “active program” and then hit “submit”. This will then allow you to see your Degree Audit.

Will Degree Audit tell me the number of credits I will need to graduate?

  • Yes. Keep in mind that the number of credits you will be required to complete in order to graduate depends on your major.

Besides my major and minor requirements, will there be other required courses listed on my degree audit?

Aside from your major and minor required courses, you may also be required to take courses that meet the following requirements:


Course concerned with public speaking & oral presentations. (Ex: any SPCH course)


Art, English Literature, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Religion, Music, or Theater
(Ex: any visual ART, ENGL, HIST, HUMN, PHIL, RELI, THEA, or MUSIC)


Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology
(Ex: Certain PSYC, COMM, or CRIM courses, any POLS or SOCI)


Any undergraduate course in which pre-requisites are met.

  • Education courses may NOT be taken to fulfill free electives unless you are enrolled in the QUEST Program.
  • If you wish to take an HRTM course to fulfill a free elective, you must meet with HRTM advisor for pre-approval.


  • Always bring a printout of your Degree Audit when meeting with your advisor.
  • Check your Degree Audit frequently.
  • Ask if you have any questions.