Application, Contract, and Room Assignments

Do I have to live in a residence hall?

No, you don’t have to, but we highly recommend it. You will find that living in the residence halls is much more convenient than living off-campus. You are closer to classes, meals are prepared for you, and you won’t have to drive to a laundromat or hunt for a parking space close to campus. Your residence hall bill will be provided on your FDU statement, so you won’t have to keep track of several bills. You will also enjoy cable television and free, high-speed internet access on campus. In no other living situation will you meet as many people as you can in the residence halls. Additionally, studies indicate that students living in residence hall situations maintain a higher GPA and graduation rate than those who live off-campus.

When can I apply for fall housing?

New students to Fairleigh Dickinson University receive housing information upon their admission to the University with their Admissions Acceptance Package from the Office of Admissions. All first-year and new students must apply for housing through the University’s admissions process. A Residence Hall Deposit ($350) is required of all new resident students. Applications for housing for new students are due May 1 for Fall applicants and December 1 for Spring applicants.

Room Assignments

For new students, Housing and Residence Life will assign students their rooms during the summer based on application information and other considerations.

When will I receive my room/roommate assignment?

Once your Housing Application has been processed, you will be able to view your room, roommate, and suitemate information via MyHousing. Applications will be processed by July 31st. If you do not have your housing assignment information by the end of the 2nd week of August, please contact Housing and Residence Life at reslife@fdu.edu. Due to privacy restrictions, we cannot give out specific room assignment or roommate information over the phone or through e-mail.

Can I change my preferred roommate once I have submitted my application?

Yes, the Housing and Residence Life understands that your plans may change during the summer months or perhaps you met someone during orientation that you would now like to be paired with as roommates. All requests will be considered, but are not guaranteed. The deadline to submit your request is July 15. Click here for more information.

What are the Special Living Options (SLOs)?

We offer a variety of opportunities for students interested in living with others who share common interests and goals. Through participation in group activities, workshops, and programs, students strengthen their ties with one another and learn more about their area of interest. Click here for more information.

               University Court 1 – Graduate Housing
               University Court 4 – Global Scholar’s Hall
               University Court 5 – L.I.F.E House
               University Court 6 – Honor’s House

How should I choose a room type?

Room types vary in amenities (such as private bathrooms or shared bathrooms with suite or building members). Northpointe rooms have private bathrooms, University Court buildings have shared building bathrooms on both floors and the Lindens have a shared bathroom in each suite. Consider your budget, availability of room types, and location to make wise selections.

Can I request a single room?

You may request three room types on your application: single, double, or triple (very limited and only in Special Living Options). However, freshmen are not eligible to request a single room.

What is the charge for breaking my contract?

The Housing & Meal Plan Contract is for one full academic year. At minimum,the residence hall deposit ($350) is forfeited. Click here for more information.

Am I allowed to have a car on-campus?

Yes, all residents are allowed to have a car on-campus. All vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters and motorbikes on University property must be registered with the Department of Public Safety. Decals are issued on a yearly basis starting September 1. Click here for more information.

Roommates and Hallmates

Are the residence halls co-ed?

University Court is comprised of ten (10) separate townhouse-style buildings with one to three sections and two floors per building of same gender sections. Each building has one to two bathrooms per floor.

The Lindens are comprised of eight buildings with three co-ed floors of same-gender suites. Each suite has a shared bathroom.

Northpointe is comprised of four co-ed floors with same-gender double-occupancy rooms. Each bedroom has a private bathroom.

How do I get matched with a roommate?

Roommates are matched based on the answers provided on the Housing & Meal Plan Application, so it is very important that you are thoughtful and honest in your responses to the lifestyle questions and your choices. If you are requesting a specific roommate, you will both need to request each other.

Can I live with a particular roommate?

Yes. Click for additional information regarding Requesting a Roommate.

How can I request a room change?

After you have lived in the halls for a few weeks during the fall semester, you will have the opportunity to request a change. Room changes are not permitted during the first three weeks of classes. The room change period will begin on the fourth week of classes.

Mail and Packages

Can I mail belongings instead of bringing them with me?

Since we have limited storage space, we will not accept boxes or parcels for residents who have not yet arrived. Packages arriving too early will be returned.

How should mail for residents be addressed?

Click here for more information.

What To Bring

What furnishings are provided in each room?

All student rooms in the residence halls contain the following for each resident:

  • a bed
  • desk
  • desk chair
  • nightstand (Lindens & University Court)
  • dresser
  • double-door wardrobe (Northpointe) or closet (Lindens & University Court)
  • window blinds (Northpointe & University Court) or shades (Lindens)
  • loveseat (Northpointe)

Only University Court rooms are carpeted. All rooms include cable outlets, which provides local expanded-basic cable. All residence hall rooms are equipped with dedicated Internet access.

What can’t I bring?

Prohibited & Restricted items, click here.  

Can beds be lofted or bunked?

Installation of prefabricated lofts is not allowed and bunking of beds.

Can I use cinderblocks or bed risers?

Cinderblocks and bed risers are not allowed.All rooms are equipped with a metal-frame bed. You can adjust the metal frame to raise your bed and allow for extra storage.

What are all these linen mailing I’m getting?

Every year, a vendor called On Campus Marketing mails out information about purchasing college linens. The only company that we work with is On Campus Marketing (OCM), who has an agreement with the Residence Hall Association (RHA) to provide a portion of the proceeds from their sales to RHA for leadership and programming development in the residence halls.

What is the size of my bed so I can purchase linens?

All rooms are equipped with extra-long beds, so students will need extra-long sheets. Our mattresses are twin extra-long (36” x 80”) You can fit twin extra-long sheets to a regular mattress, but the opposite does not hold true.

Anything that is highly recommended to bring?

For those unexpected situations, we highly recommend students consider bringing a battery operated flashlight and a sleeping bag.

Computers, Telephones, Bikes, and Laundry

How can I secure my bike?

Bike racks are provided throughout the residence halls.

Is there internet access in the residence halls?

All residence hall rooms have wired and wireless internet. Wireless access points are also available in the Northpointe lounges, the Linden lounges, and University Court lounges. Routers are prohibited on-campus.

Is telephone service provided in the residence halls?

There are no active landlines in the residence halls. However, there are emergency phones to contact the Department of Public Safety on the exterior entrances of the residence halls.

How much does it cost to do laundry?

Doing laundry in the residence halls is free for residents. Click here for more information.

Safety and Privacy

How can I help keep the residence halls safe?

All residence hall doors are locked 24 hours per day and you must have your FDU ID access card to enter. Safety in the halls is a shared responsibility between residents and the university. Much of the safety relies on the residents not lending their ID cards to anyone or allowing strangers to enter the residence halls. Our Department of Public Safety patrols in and around buildings regularly.

What about renter’s insurance?

When moving into the residence halls, it is important to consider insuring your possessions. Most insurance companies will insure your residence hall room under your parents’ homeowners insurance, but it is important to check with their agent to make sure. If your parents do not have homeowners insurance, or your room is not covered under their policy, you should consider purchasing renters insurance/personal property insurance from an insurance agency. Policies can sometimes cost as little as $15 a month. Coverage typically includes loss from fire or lightning, smoke, vandalism and malicious mischief, breakage and theft. Click here  for more information.

How private are my student records?

Federal law, specifically the Buckley Amendment to the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA), prohibits us from granting anyone who does not have an educational need to know, access to your educational record without your written permission. In short, we can’t share your educational/judicial records with anyone (family members included) unless you ask us to.


Is there a curfew?

You are expected to set your own boundaries.

What is the overnight guest and visitation policy?

One of the most common areas of roommate conflict involves the hosting of overnight guests. Visits by overnight guests are limited and require prior written approval from your roommate and/or suitemates (Lindens) for each visit. Click here to review our Guest & Visitation Policy.

Where is smoking allowed?

Smoking is prohibited in all residence hall buildings/rooms and common spaces. As a result, we attempt to place smokers together because of potential allergies or sensitivities that can exist on smoker’s clothing and belongings.

Leadership, Jobs, and Events

How do I become a Resident Assistant (RA)?

The RA selection process starts near the end of the fall semester. Keep your eye out for recruiting information posted in the halls.

How can I get involved in events and activities in the residence halls?

Talk to your RA and other residents to get the scoop on how to connect. You can also get involved in the Residence Hall Association and attend its weekly meetings.

Check out the bulletin boards in your hall. RAs post flyers for all sorts of university & building events and many are free! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @fdureslife for the latest information.

Academic Breaks

Will my residence hall be open during vacation breaks?


During Thanksgiving break the halls are open, but there is no meal service. Students who need to stay during Thanksgiving break may do so at no extra charge.

Winter and Spring Break

During winter and spring breaks the halls are closed, and there is no meal service. Students staying over winter or spring break will need to pay an additional fee. Students who need to stay over winter or spring break must apply online for each break period when the application is made available.

Academic Year-Round Housing

Linden 6 is the only residence hall that offers academic-year round housing (August to May). The cost for Winter & Spring Break Housing, at a reduced rate, is already included in the room rate. Linden 6 residents do not need to apply for Winter or Spring Break.