Fellows Program

Interested in developing a friendship and/or mentoring relationship with an FDU administrator/faculty/staff member?

Want to add another meaningful dimension to your FDU experience?

Want to “pick the brain” of an FDU administrator/faculty/staff member in informal discussions about life as an administrator/faculty/staff member or their undergraduate and/or graduate school experiences (once the discussions start, where they go, nobody knows……)?

What is the Housing and Residence Life Fellow’s Program?

The Fellow’s program aims to promote administrator/faculty/staff and resident student interaction outside of the classroom/formal office setting. The purpose of the Housing and Residence Life Fellow’s Program is to enhance the personal growth and development of our resident students by providing planned informal opportunities for interaction between faculty/staff/administrators and students. FDU administrators, faculty and staff have been paired with a specific residence hall. Each Housing and Residence Life Fellow will work with the building RA and residents to determine their level of involvement and dates/times of availability.

What the research shows…

Research has shown that contact with faculty members outside the classroom has benefits for students. Both student learning and personal development are positively affected (Kuh et al., 1994; NASPA, 1987; Pascarella & Terenzini, 1991; Sorcinelli, 1991).

In addition, interactions with faculty lead students to be more satisfied with their college experience overall (Astin, 1985).

I’m interested, how do I get involved?

Your Housing and Residence Life Fellow will attend some of your building/floor events, Housing and Residence Life planned events, etc. When you meet with your Fellow, the conversations could be discussions on just about anything: your classes, how your Fellow’s professional career developed, world events, or personal interests you may share with your Fellow. Once you meet with your Fellow, feel free to exchange email addresses.

2018-2019 Residence Life Fellows

Linden 1
Tina LoPonte

Linden 2
Dr. Yeoah Kim
Sr. Lecturer of Mathematics
Computer Sciences & Engineering

Linden 7
Lissette Garcia
Associate Director
Educational Opportunity Fund

Linden 8
Dr. Evelyn Garcia
Senior Lecturer
Criminal Justice