MHMS Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of a minimum of 30 graduate credits.
  2. Cumulative grade point ratio of 3.00 for the degree program of study.
  3. Must earn a grade point ratio of 3.00 in each of the 3 required hospitality management courses.
  4. Minimum of 27 credits completed at Fairleigh Dickinson University.
  5. Maximum of six years to complete the Master’s degree requirements.

Up to three credits of graduate coursework may be transferred from another college or university if completed within the six-year period. Courses submitted for transfer credit will be reviewed and evaluated by the director of the International School of Hospitality, Sports, and Tourism Management. In assessing requests for transfer credits, the faculty may require students to complete additional coursework to update their knowledge and skills to meet master’s degree requirements.


The following are the specific program requirements for the Master’s degree. These curriculum areas and credit distribution requirements are designed to provide students with flexibility in planning a program of study within a focused framework of professional development.

Required Hospitality Management Courses (9 credits)

Supporting Hospitality Management Courses (15 credits)

  • HRTM7713 Financial Management
  • HRTM7714 Advanced Human Resource Management for Hospitality Professionals
  • HRTM7716 Services Management (Available in traditional in-class or field-course format for student matriculating prior to Spring 2025. For students starting the program in Spring 2025 or beyond, this course is only offered in field-course format. See HRTM7716 Field Course Option.)
  • HRTM7734 Global Marketing for Hospitality Executives
  • HRTM7771 Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Elective Courses (6 Credits)

Elective courses are chosen by students with approval from their graduate adviser. Choose 6 credits from the following courses. Not all options are available every semester and the below list is not exhaustive:

  • HRTM7717 Discovering the World of Wine
  • HRTM7718 Advanced Global Seminar
  • HRTM7737 Global Tourism Development
  • HRTM7746 Entrepreneurship and You
  • HRTM7748 Developing a Sustainability Mindset in Hospitality & Tourism
  • HRTM7754 Social Media in Hospitality

Comprehensive Exam

Students in the MHMS program must pass a written comprehensive exam prior to their final semester in the program. The comprehensive exam consists of theoretical and applied questions related to all courses completed prior to the final Special Project semester.

Graduate Foundation Courses

Foundation courses are designed for those students who do not meet all of the Graduate Program admission requirements listed above such as industry work experience, and/or who have an undergraduate degree in an area other than hospitality, tourism, or business. Each foundation course is worth 3 credits toward the Elective Course area.

MHMS Completion Requirements