FDU Yeshiva students attend finance conference in Israel

January 2023 – In December 2022, two FDU Yeshiva students traveled to Israel to attend the TAU Finance Conference hosted by the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University. The conference offered the students an opportunity to learn from finance educators from all over the world, with an emphasis on finance in Israel.

Students Steven Meisels and Daniel Aaron joined Dr. Eric Goldman, FDU Yeshiva Program Director on the trip. Both men specialize in business and are finishing their degrees in FDU’s Yeshiva and Seminary program.

“The Tel Aviv University Finance Conference was not only a fine educational experience but a terrific networking opportunity for two of our students who have plans to continue interacting with Israel, as they create and expand their nascent businesses here. The presenters were from all across the globe, including professors from the United States, even New Jersey,” said Goldman.

In addition to attending the conference, Steven and Daniel met with other students who are spending their gap year in Israel studying Rabbinic texts at yeshivas across Jerusalem.

“The students joined me at an Information Session held on Monday and joined my meetings with heads of yeshivas in order to provide a student’s perspective on what we do at FDU,” Goldman continued.

Hear from the students directly about their travel to Israel:

"Daniel Aaron and I had the wonderful opportunity to represent FDU at the TAU Finance Conference. We had a chance to hear about groundbreaking ideas and concepts from professors and executives worldwide. Being able to attend this event took my education to a new level that none of my peer in other universities had the opportunity to do. I want to thank FDU for giving us this amazing opportunity."
— Steven Meisels
"I was fortunate enough to have been selected along with my classmate, Shlomo Meisels, to attend the TAU Conference at Tel Aviv University. The conference was an incredible learning experience for my own personal development. The public debt and private sector session was relevant to my work life. I’m currently working in Debt Equity and Private lending. Thank you FDU. "
— Daniel Aaron
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