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Admissions requirements

  • Completed online application. There is no fee to apply.
  • Proof of a high school diploma (official transcript) or GED.
  • One year of post-secondary yeshiva/seminary studies in a recognized program.
  • Official Yeshiva/Seminary transcripts.

To Submit Your Application:

  • Please email a scan or PDF of the application to Mrs. Haines (
  • Transcripts must come directly from the respective school to Mrs. Haines (

Degree requirements (Graduation requirements)

  • Completion of 120 credits
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 in upper-level courses completed at FDU

Every student must take a minimum of 30 credits (in-person or online courses) at FDU. Of these 30 credits, the following must be taken at FDU:

  • WRIT 1003 (Composition II- Research & Argument)
  • UNIV 2001 (Cross Cultural Perspectives)
  • UNIV 2002 (Global Issues)
  • Advanced Writing
  • At least 3 courses in your Specialization

Of the 120-credit total, credits are typically transferred from Yeshiva, Seminary, or Israel Defense Forces study. Examples include

  • Ethical Reasoning (3 credits)   
  • First Year Seminar courses (2 credits)  
  • Inquiry in the Arts and Humanities (6 credits)  
  • International Perspective (3 credits) 
  • Social and Behavioral Scientific Analysis (6 credits)
  • Free Electives

The remaining credits that can be brought in (possibly at a posting fee) from outside sources (like standardized exams and other colleges) might include:

  • WRIT 1002 (Composition I: Rhetoric and Inquiry)
  • Speech or Professional Communications
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Science with Lab

All transfer credits should be submitted prior to the beginning of coursework and before students complete their FDU studies.

Program learning outcomes

Each college program has identified outcome measures that indicate whether students are successful in meeting the specific outcomes for the program. The following are outcome measures that will be assessed for the Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion program:

  • Communication:  An FDU graduate will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in written documents, when making oral presentations, and when appropriate, by using graphic presentation software.
    • This outcome is also aligned with FDU University learning outcomes for written communication, oral communication and information literacy
  • Critical Thinking:  An FDU graduate will demonstrate the ability to define problems; to use information resources such as libraries and computers; and to analyze and integrate knowledge, perspectives and techniques.
    • This outcome is also aligned with FDU University learning outcomes for critical thinking.
  • Global and Culture Understanding : An FDU graduate will demonstrate an understanding of the historic and global context of events and achievements over time as treated in subjects such as history, the arts and the humanities with an awareness of and sensitivity to global problems and social issues, including those involving ethnic and cultural differences.
    • This outcome is also aligned with FDU University learning outcomes for Global Understanding and Cultural Understanding
  • Specialization:  An FDU graduate will demonstrate the mastery of a body of knowledge in one subject area or a group of related areas that will be considered the graduate’s specialization.

Contact Information
Dr. Eric Goldman, Program Director
Contact Information
Mrs. Miranda Haines, Assistant Director and Academic Advisor