Yeshiva and Seminary Programs

Designed for busy students in the Orthodox Jewish community, the Yeshiva and Seminary Programs at Fairleigh Dickinson University allow yeshiva and seminary students to transfer various credits and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in less than 15 months. As a student in FDU’s Yeshiva Program for men or Seminary Program for women, you’ll complete your Bachelor’s Degree and achieve career success through exceptional academics, supportive professors, and affordable tuition. The Yeshiva and Seminary Programs have graduated hundreds of yeshiva and seminary students who have gone on to professional and graduate schools such as Harvard, Columbia, and Penn Law Schools, Johns Hopkins Medical School, the FDU Silberman College of Business MS in Accounting program, Rutgers Dental School, Wurzweiler and Touro Schools of Social Work, Wharton School of Business and various MBA Programs. Additionally, FDU Yeshiva and Seminary students have the opportunity to advance into FDU’s professional degree programs within our School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences or School of Nursing and Allied Health. Our students have also pursued various careers in business with their college degrees.

“I chose to attend the FDU Yeshiva Program because it offered a flexible schedule, which allowed me to continue my Judaic Studies, while still partaking in an undergrad program that would afford me all the professional opportunities I was looking for. While there, I was able to seek advice and utilize FDU’s pre-law counseling to help me determine and get into the law schools best fit for me.” — Joseph Neuburger, BA in Individualized Studies

“I chose to complete my undergraduate degree through FDU’s Seminary program since it gave me the flexibility to take classes either online or in a campus environment. FDU recognized the strength of my seminary’s curriculum and was more than fair in its evaluation of, and granting credits for, the classes on my seminary transcript. I was able to finish my coursework in less than two years. Having an undergraduate degree from FDU enabled me to have a smooth transition into the master’s program of my choice” — Molly Silver, BA in Individualized Studies

Program highlights

  • Transfer up to 90 credits (up to 72 credits from prior yeshiva or seminary study and up to 18 more from the CLEP or other exams and colleges) into the program and complete your BA in as little as one year.
  • Reduced tuition that’s less than many other FDU programs.
  • Ability to complete the degree in online (synchronous and asynchronous) and/or in-person classes.
  • Traditional terms, as well as tailored semesters including intensive Jewish holiday Z’man mini sessions.
  • Customize your degree with a specialization in business, psychology, entrepreneurship, public administration, pre-nursing, or pre-med.
  • Financial Aid available from federal and state grants and loans to qualifying students.
  • Dedicated faculty, sensitive to the needs of yeshiva and seminary students.
  • Access to all of FDU’s resources.

Forms for Student Use

For advising, contact Miranda Haines at

NOTE: The expectation is that FDU Yeshiva/Seminary classes will be a mix of in-person and online delivery classes taking place either synchronously (ZOOM) or asynchronously.

To register for classes, please fill out the registration form above and make sure to sign where it says “Student Signature.” Registration forms missing a signature will not be processed. Once the form is completed, please scan, and email it to

If you are unable to scan, a picture is acceptable but must include the entire registration form with policy and terms listed below.

Once you are registered, within 24 hours, you will be able to access your course through WebCampus.

IMPORTANT: If you are an existing student, please make sure to check your account status for any tuition balances and/or holds as they may prevent you from registering for classes. This can be checked via Self-Service. For questions and assistance regarding holds on your account, please email

Frequently Asked Advising Questions

Q: How do I set up my online accounts to access my FDU email, online course(s) and student information? 

Please download the New Student Reference Guide for instructions on how to set up and access your FDU Net ID, WebCampus, & Self- Service  

Q: How do register for classes?

To register for classes, please schedule an appointment with your advisor, Mrs. Haines, to review your check sheet and select the appropriate courses. Once that is completed, fill out and return the registration form to 

Q: How do I access my online courses?

Online courses are accessed through WebCampus. Note: Upon registering for a course, it may take up to 24 hours until that course is available and visible on WebCampus. 

Q: Can I complete my asynchronous course whenever I want?

Though asynchronous classes have no set class time, instructors place a variety of work submission deadlines that must be completed in a timely fashion. 

Q: How do I access my schedules, grades, account balance?

You can access this information and more by logging into your Self-Service account. 

Q: Who do I contact about removing a hold on my account?

To resolve an account hold due to an outstanding tuition balance, please contact

Q: How do I apply for Financial Aid:

For questions and information about eligibility and applying for Financial Aid, please go to:

Q: How do I make a payment?

For more information about making a tuition payment, please go to: 

Q: Where do I send my high school, Yeshiva/Seminary or college transcripts?

For a transcript to be considered official, it must come directly from the school to us. Please send official transcripts to or to the address provided below: 

Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Attn: Miranda Haines 
1000 River Road 
Teaneck NJ 07666-1914

Q: How do I Declare for Graduation?

For information and instructions on how to apply for graduation, please go to: 

Q: How do I request my FDU transcript?

To request your official transcript, please go to: 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many credits must I have before I may apply to the program?

A: 30 transferable credits, or if you are currently enrolled for at least one semester in a post-secondary yeshiva or seminary program.

Q: How many credits may I transfer into the program?

A: 90 credits. Up to a maximum of 72 credits from Yeshiva/Seminary study and whatever is needed to reach 90 credits from other colleges, through CLEP or other standardized exams.

Q: Are there fees when transferring credits from outside sources to FDU?

A: Yeshiva and Seminary credits, along with credits transferred from other colleges, have no posting fees. Standardized tests, like CLEP, might have transfer fees attached. Please inquire!

Q: I have taken FDU Early College credits and/or APs. How many may be transferred?

A: Up to 24 Early College credits can be applied, plus all APs with a score of 4 or more. They count toward the 90 credits that a student may bring with them into the program.

Q: What is the minimum number of credits that I must take “in residence” at FDU? Can they all be online?

A: You must take at least 10 FDU courses (30 credits) once you have been admitted into the program. These courses may be any combination of in-classroom and/or online courses.

Q: How do I choose classes? Know what courses to take to meet the requirements?

A: You work with your advisor, who will assist in choosing what courses and/or exams will fulfill your requirements.

Q: Should transcripts from my yeshiva, seminary or college be submitted prior to applying to the program?

A: It is preferable to do so. In this way, you know how many credits may be transferred. These initial transcripts do not need to be official. However, in order to have credits officially transferred to your FDU records, we require that the institution of higher learning send an official transcript directly to the attention of Mrs. Miranda Haines in our office.

Q: The BA requires that you specialize in a subject or area of study. How many courses must be taken in that area?

A: 6 courses (18 credits).

Q: What specializations are available?

A: Students may specialize in any of these areas: Psychology, Business, Health Sciences, Technology Management, Public Health Administration and General Studies (which covers a vast array of subject areas). You develop your specialization in consultation with your advisor. Some specializations may only be available online.

Q: Is financial aid available?

A: Our program already offers a tuition reduction. However, there are many aid programs available to our students, like Federal Pell grants, NJ TAG grants, Work-Study and other government financial aid. FDU’s Financial Aid office assists our students in seeking assistance.

Q: May I take courses at other schools and colleges of FDU?

A: The Yeshiva/Seminary program is part of the School of Professional Studies. You may take any online course at Petrocelli Center and the cost of the course remains the same. Other courses offered at Petrocelli will not be men- or women-only courses. You may also take any course offered at any college at FDU, but the cost of the course will not have the reduced tuition that Yeshiva/Seminary courses enjoy. Note: Some courses require that prerequisites be completed before you can take a particular class.

Q: May I take courses at other colleges while I am taking classes at FDU?

A: You cannot simultaneously be a student at FDU and at another institution of higher learning. This does not apply to Yeshiva/Seminary Study!

Q: Can the Yeshiva/Seminary program be completed fully online? How long should it take to complete?

A: You may choose to take all of your classes online. We offer both Zoom synchronous online classes as well as asynchronous online classes. Some students are able to complete all exams and course work in 12 to 14 months. Others take longer.

Q. What is the difference between a synchronous and asynchronous course?

A. Synchronous courses are either given in person or on Zoom and take place at scheduled times. Asynchronous classes allow the student to do work when it is best suited for them, with no set class time. Asynchronous classes still require that students fulfill work within a defined time period!

Q: What degree do I receive upon graduation?

A: Our graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies. This is a Bachelor degree like any other and is recognized as such across the world. Our students who choose to continue their studies on a graduate level have been accepted into the finest institutions of higher learning in North America and Israel.

Yeshiva/Seminary Program Office Contact Information

Dr. Eric Goldman, Program Director

Miranda Albert Haines, Assistant Director and Academic Advisor